10 Tips to Teach Your Children Healthy Eating Habits

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There is a rapidly growing problem in parts of the world, especially America, with child obesity. Most obesity comes from bad habits learned at a young age. By teaching your children healthy eating habits, you can help your child develop a longer healthier life. Helping kids eat healthy isn't difficult. Take a look at these 10 tips on how to help teach your children healthy eating:

Make your food kid friendly

Cut your kid's food into shapes. Cookie cutters come in hundreds of shapes. Let your child pick the shape.

Don't treat dessert like a reward

If you present sweets as a reward for good behavior, they will associate dessert as being a better food. Offer fruit as a reward instead. "If you eat all your peas, you get an orange"

Ask them

When your doing your grocery shopping, ask which fruits and vegetables they want. When deciding on dinner, ask them to choose a healthy food.

Snack in the kitchen

If your kids want to eat snacks, keep them in a designated area. This will discourage chowing down on some potato chips in front of the television.

Mix and match

Add a healthier food to a tastier food. You could chop up onions or green peppers and use them in a spaghetti sauce. Serve raw vegetables with a fat free ranch. My mother always added fruit to my cereal which worked great.

Healthy on the go snacks

Do your kids want a snack when they go out and play? Skip the junk food and give them a fresh fruit, a cereal bar, or some string cheese. This really helps teach your children healthy eating habits.

Lots of variety

Don't stick to the same old healthy foods. Add something new every once in a while to spice it up. Put an assortment of roasted almonds, rasberries, and pineapple.

Use your blender

Add some skim milk, fat-free yogurt, and a scoop of low fat ice cream and make your very own protein smoothie. The kids will love it and it's a good snack after they've been playing.

Whole grain is your friend

Offer some good carbs to boost your childrens energy. A whole wheat pita with peanut butter is one of my favorite snacks. There are many other choices out there like whole grain pretzels and cereals.

Set an example

Don't expect your children to eat healthy if you aren't. Don't eat anything you wouldn't want your child to eat. Let your kids catch you snacking on a healthy snack like a bowl of grapes.

Everyone wants their children to live a long and healthy life. Help them achieve that by teaching children healthy eating habits at a young age.

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10 Tips to Teach Your Children Healthy Eating Habits

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This article was published on 2010/03/30