5 Bad and Pervasive Habits That Hurt Your Health

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Everyone wants to live a healthy life. While there are some common habits that may seem harmless, some of them can damage their health. From refusing to have breakfast to sporting high-heels on a regular basis, these behaviours may have long-term health effects on your health. Following are 5 bad and pervasive habits that cause potential negative health effects. If you do one of them too many times, it may be time to stop now.

1. Routinely wear high-heels

Wearing high heels frequently can cause pain because your weight is placed on your feet’s balls. This pain may not be noticed immediately but over the time heels can lead to a number of bad conditions such as ankle sprains and bunions. In addition, sporting sky-high heels can disrupt blood flow in your legs, which potentially causes varicose veins and venous hypertension. Plus, towering shoes can even alter the neuromechanics of your gait.

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2. Bite your nails

When biting your nails becomes a regular habit, it can not only damage your nails and the skin around them but also make it easy for germs, bacteria or pinworm eggs to get transferred to your mouth. More seriously, this bad habit is sometimes a sign of an underlying mental health condition.

3. Skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day as it gives you energy to start a new day. If you skip your breakfast, you will be tired even feel exhausted. Your stomach can be seriously hurt when you don’t feed it. So try to have a healthy breakfast every morning that is provides the energy and nutrients to prevent the mid-morning slump.

4. Drink alcohol and coffee excessively

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can do some harm to your liver. There is also an association between alcohol intake and hypertension and breast cancer. In addition, it can affect your reproductive system and is linked to heart damage. Meanwhile, consuming coffee excessively can affect your overall health, especially your heart because it increases the cholesterol in the blood vessels.

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5. Smoke

Along with drinking alcohol and coffee excessively, smoking is another bad habit that can hurt your health. It can cause cancer and put your heart at risk. Especially, if you smoke immediately after having dinner, it will do more harm because the toxic substances in cigarettes can easily enter into your body at this time.

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5 Bad and Pervasive Habits That Hurt Your Health

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5 Bad and Pervasive Habits That Hurt Your Health

This article was published on 2014/02/12