5 Best Herbs For Your Hair Growth

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There are many herbs that you can eat for the sake of your health. These aromatic flavorings may help prevent you from some certain chronic conditions like diabetes, cancer or heart disease. However, there are kinds of herbs that deliver beauty benefits for you and stimulating new hair growth is one of them.

Here are 5 best herbs that you can use to promote hair growth.

1. Rosemary

Rosemary has been used as a powerful herb for centuries to promote hair health and hair growth. This herb works to cleanse your hair from the root to the tip. It helps to restore luster to your hair and combat dandruff, which causes and accelerates hair loss. It also stimulates new hair growth, supports follicles, strengthens hair roots and detoxifies the scalp. You can add a little rosemary to your food or make rosemary water to create a rinse, both of which can make your hair sleeker and shinier.


2. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is often used to moisturise your face, hands, arms and legs. This powerful herb is also used for minor burns and injuries and should be grown in every garden. However, many people may not know that aloe vera is a natural weapon against hair loss. That is because it has anti-inflammatory properties, which not only prevent hair loss but also stimulate new hair growth. Besides, aloe vera works as a natural conditioner, fights frizz as well as nourishes the skin of the scalp very effectively.


3. Chamomile

While chamomile tea delivers tons of huge health benefits, chamomile itself is useful in hair treatment. With a lovely smell and many healing properties, it can be used as a hair rinse after washing hair to soothe your itchy scalp, which is a main cause for hair loss. The yellow color of chamomile infusion also imparts brightness and shine, and lightens the color of hair.


4. Horsetail

Horsetail is loaded with a lot of nutrients that help your hair regain its strength and grow more quickly. It is an excellent source of silica that helps form the collagen in skin and bones. Silica is also the main hair-supportive compound that strengthens your hair at its core and keeps it looking shiny. In addition, horsetail contains selenium, manganese and potassium that can encourage hair growth.


5. Lavender

Along with rosemary, horsetail, aloe vera and chamomile, lavender is another herb that enhances the beauty of your hair. It has been used to prevent baldness and encourage new hair growth. It is also useful in treating dandruff and soothing scalp infections. Besides, this herb helps increase shine and add volume to the hair shaft.


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5 Best Herbs For Your Hair Growth

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