5 Easy Tips To Beat Fatigue

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There are many ways to regain your energy when you have to fight fatigue such as drinking coffee, eating a piece of chocolate cake or enjoying energy drinks. However, these ways are actually not good completely, even they can harm your health, cause caffeine addiction or increase the blood sugar.

Following are 5 tips that are effective, simple and easy to do to keep you alert immediately when you are tired, bored and unwilling to work.

1. Laugh

Laughing out loud releases endorphin, a hormone that can ease stress and make your mood more alert. If there is nothing that can help you smile, you can watch your favorite and funny video clips on Youtube.


2. Drink water

Sleeping at your desk or eating candies to stay awake are not effective. Instead, you should drink a glass of cool water. When dehydrated, the body lacks of oxygen needed for all activities. So you should instantly consume a cup of water to be more alert.


3. Walk

Standing up, leaving your seat and walking for 15 minutes can help you regain your energy. It is very good for blood circulation. It also helps provide much more oxygen for the body’s activities as well as stimulate the brain to produce endorphin.


4. Have a light meal that contains protein

Eating foods containing protein will increase your alertness and energy for your body because they contain tyrosine, an amino acid keeping your brain clear.


5. Enjoy drinks touting organic and natural ingredients

You can enjoy your favourite drink. However, you need to ensure that this kind of beverage is absolutely natural. More conveniently, you can take some packets of powdered energy drink with you to re-energize yourself. You only need to mix a powder packet with water and you can enjoy it instantly.


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5 Easy Tips To Beat Fatigue

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