5 Facts About Your Sleep

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Everybody knows that sleeping 8 hours per day will keep them alert to deal with all their work. However, researchers discovered 5 more interesting facts about sleeping that may help you appreciate more exactly about its importance.

1. Women need more sleep than men

Once speaking about the battle on sleeping between the two genders, women are winners. According to Jim Horne, a sleep expert, women need more 20 minutes of sleeping. They tend to multi-task, which means they do a lot of things at the same time and are flexible. Therefore, their brains are busier than men’s brains. So their sleep need is greater.


2. Music can help you fall asleep

You often toss and turn each night? A survey with 6,000 British people conducted by Travelodge showed that rockers can make them feel sleepy. And the kind of music people often choose is songs by Alicia Keys, Mozart and Taylor Swift.


3. Sleep is a weapon of youth

Have you ever dreamed to possess beauty and sexiness like Spanish actress Penelope Cruz? If so, you should try to get lots of rest. Some sources said that this stunning star’s sleep lasts up to 14 hours, which helps her prevent dark circles. Even famous songstress Jennifer Lopez revealed that getting 8 hours each night is her secret “weapon” to looking and feeling youthful. She also said that what works most effectively is sleep, water and good cleansers.


4. Alcoholic beverages are not good for sleep

Many people try to seduce the sandman with a glass of wine, but it turns out that sipping alcoholic beverages can make your situation worse. According to the National Sleep Research Project, 3 cups of wine have the same effect as 5 nights of partial sleep deprivation on your body even when you sleep enough. Besides, you should not overuse champagne because alcohol causes dehydration, which prevents sleep.


5. Smell flowers for better sleep

Everyone knows the phrase, "wake up and smell the coffee in the morning." So what do you do before going to bed? Smelling flowers can help you have a good nap. According to a study by Science magazine in 2007, people who exposed to the aroma of roses before and during their sleep had their memory improved. However, feeling rested every day is enough to improve one’s mental state. Therefore, to relax and sleep better, you should siff at lavender or jasmine every night.


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5 Facts About Your Sleep

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This article was published on 2013/07/27