5 Most Common Signs Of Aging In Women

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All women want to look beautiful and young in other people’s eyes but they cannot stop themselves from getting older with time. Age changes their physical appearances and is something that all women shudder to think about.

Following are 5 most common signs of aging in women.

1. Sore feet

Sore feet including cracked heels, painful bunions and calluses is among the worst signs of aging in women, caused by years of wearing improper shoes. Besides, joint pain is another common sign of aging found in women, whose bones shrink in density and size after the age of 50.


2. Wrinkles and fine lines

Sun exposure, smoking and sleeping position are some causes of wrinkles and so is aging. These wrinkles can appear on your hands and face. After the age of 40, you can also see fine lines under your eyes or around your lips. They are caused by a loss of collagen and elasticity, which reduces skin volume.


3. Sagging of breasts

Less-than-perky breasts are the most common sign of aging in women. All factors like lower levels of estrogen, gravity, lack of proper support and breast-feeding contribute to saggy breasts. Especially, when you are after the age of 45, your breasts tend to become loose because loss of tissue and fat make them lose their fullness and firmness.


4. Hearing loss

Along with saggy breasts, sore feet, wrinkles and fine lines, hearing loss is a sign of aging. However, it is usually common after the age of 60 in women. When your hearing ability decreases, your ability to function in daily life decreases as well. To protect your hearing, you should take 300 mg of magnesium a day, which can help you reduce the incidence of temporary and permanent noise-induced hearing loss.


5. Hair loss

Temporary hair loss in women can be caused by childbirth, stress and certain medications. Additionally, graying of hair is another common sign that starts from the age of 60. However, this also depends on genetic conditions.


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5 Most Common Signs Of Aging In Women

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5 Most Common Signs Of Aging In Women

This article was published on 2013/09/24