5 Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure, which is one of the most common health conditions in the world, can damage your health to a great extent. Many people with this serious problem are often treated with medications. However, there are natural ways that help you lower your blood pressure very effectively.

1. Skip caffeine and alcohol

Coffee has some health benefits but it is not good for your blood pressure. Sometimes the amount of caffeine you take in coffee can boost your heart rate and cause short-term spikes in blood pressure. So you need to cut back on caffeine and control the intake of caffeine to avoid high blood pressure. At the same time you need to limit your alcohol intake because excessive use of alcohol makes your heart beat harder and this increases the blood pressure. According to some studies, drinking more than two drinks of alcohol per day can increase the risk of hypertension for both men and women.


2. Stop smoking

Quitting smoking has countless health benefits and lowering blood pressure is one of them. If you stop smoking, you can also help your heart become healthier and reduce your chances for other health-related diseases. Especially, smoking is highly unhealthy for you and the people around you, so it’s essential for you to stop this bad habit to prevent a lot of health problems.


3. Check your blood pressure regularly

Making regular doctor appointments to get your blood pressure checked is advisable. Your appointment frequency will vary from those of another person depending on how high it is and its consistency. You can also monitor your blood pressure at home by using a sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope. This will keep you on track to lower it as well as help you observe how your body is responding to the diet and exercise that you have taken.


4. Relax

Stress in one of the major causes of high blood pressure and a lot of people have a temporary rise in their blood pressure because they are under stress. So it’s very important for you to relieve any anxiety to avoid hypertension. You can relax by taking a soaking hot shower for 15 minutes to suppress your blood pressure for several hours. Or you can breathe deeply and slowly and listen to your favorite songs to lower blood pressure.


5. Exercise

Exercising 30 minutes daily can keep your blood pressure in control. You can walk regularly at least 5 days a week at a moderate speed of about 3.0 miles per hour, which can bring down your blood pressure significantly. Besides, yoga is proven to be able to reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension. In addition, meditation can be an effective stress-management tool and produce a significant reduction in blood pressure.


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5 Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure

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This article was published on 2013/09/12