5 Things You Should Not Do When You Are Angry

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Frequent anger strongly affects your body. If your anger is poorly managed, it can lead to many emotional and physical health issues. It might raise your risk of heart disease significantly as well as make you gain some unexpected pounds.

Following are what you should never do when you are angry. Let’s read on.

1. You shouldn’t eat

To keep your temper under control, you often turn to food to give you comfort. However, when you are feeling angry, you make unhealthy food choices which are the high-sugar, high-fat, carbohydrate-loaded comfort foods. If you still want to eat something to soothe your anger, you can eat a banana, a bowl of spinach soup or a cup of buckwheat noodles.

2. You shouldn’t rely on drugs, cigarettes and alcohol

Consuming a glass of wine to calm yourself down after an angry encounter usually does the opposite. When you start drinking (or smoking and taking drugs), things slip out of your hand as alcohol removes impulse control. Alcohol lowers inhibitions by acting on the frontal lobes of the brain, leading to more permanent destruction by doing things you'll regret.

3. You shouldn’t blame a situation or another person

Feelings are always a result of your need that are not met. When your attention shifts from the stimulus and your immediate reaction to identifying which of your needs are not being met, your feelings will also shift. Therefore, blaming a situation or another person for your anger is one thing that you should never do.

4. You shouldn't drive

Driving when you are angry can be very dangerous. According to a recent study, angry drivers take more risks and have more accidents. Plus, emotions have a serious effect on driving, so your driving skills can be as negatively impacted as they would be if you consumed several alcoholic drinks. However, if you are forced to drive when angry, you should open your eyes purposefully as well as around you to avoid tunnel vision.

5. You shouldn’t stay alone

When you are under the influence of anger, one more thing you should not to do is staying alone. Instead, you can talk to one of your best friends or family members to express your emotions and thoughts. You can cry if you feel like crying and you will then feel more comfortable.

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5 Things You Should Not Do When You Are Angry

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5 Things You Should Not Do When You Are Angry

This article was published on 2014/05/13