7 Ways To Prevent Heart Disease

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A cup of wine can improve your cardiovascular health but too much wine can create the opposite effects. Everyone surely knows that heart disease is the top cause of death in females.

1. Quit smoking

There is an obvious fact that smoking is dangerous to your health. According to American Heart Association, smoking is one of main factors causing cardiovascular diseases for women. Therefore, if you have this bad habit, you should firstly kick it to prevent the heart disease.


2. Do exercise

Doing exercises for only 30 minutes per day has huge impacts on your health as well as reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Let’s start with the simplest exercise: walking. Initially, you can walk at a leisurely pace every day and then increase your speed and lengthen the duration of the exercise.


3. Choose right foods

Choosing the right foods is also a good way to prevent the heart disease. If you want to have a strong heart, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, you should add more fruits, vegetables, cereals, lean meats, milk, nuts and good fat to your diet. You need to avoid saturated fat and fast foods because they can be tasty but actually damage your heart.


4. Relieve stress

Do you know that stress is another reason to cause the cardiovascular diseases? So try to relieve all the stress in your life by doing exercise or meditating.


5. Avoid alcohol

A cup of wine can improve your cardiovascular health but too much wine can create the opposite effects. If you are a heavy drinker, you are damaging your own heart actually. Thereby, you need to limit alcohol intake to have a strong heart.


6. Test cholesterol levels

Do you know what your cholesterol level is? If not, it’s clear that you don’t know how your cardiovascular health is. Get your cholesterol tested regularly to find out what your cholesterol numbers are as well as have necessary measures to improve those levels. Besides, the tips above can help lower cholesterol.


7. Keep blood pressure under control

Having high blood pressure means that you have high risk of stroke. To avoid this bad condition, you need to reduce sodium intake in your daily diet. And like lowering cholesterol, some ways to prevent the heart disease such as stopping smoking, doing exercise frequently and relieving stress can reduce your blood pressure, too.


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7 Ways To Prevent Heart Disease

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