The Difference Between ADD and ADHD

By: Melissa Dunn | Jul 15, 2013 ADD and ADHD are both deficit disorders that mostly affect children, even though grown-ups can also show signs of these. Even though the two might look like one and the same to the untrained eye, they do differ on several points.

Enhance your concentration with Focus pills

By: arun | Mar 26, 2013 Brain is a most important part which often various emotions and feelings that create lot of tension and stress at this emerging world. Many people in the world are suffered from the ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) due to the changed lifestyle and work pressure.

Advanced Treatment For ADHD By Cerebra Braintech

By: Bhanu Shakti | Feb 19, 2013 ADHD commonly known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder a condition in which a persons feels fatigue, less focus on a particular topic,anxiety and other serious signs.Its common in children in their adolescent age. The conditions affects their school academic

If My Child Has ADHD, Do I Have It?

By: Cathryn Harper | Jul 9, 2012 Your child has just been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and your struggling to understand how she developed it. The first question that comes to your mind, "does this mean that I, or my spouse, gave it to her?" The question of whether or not a parent of a child with ADHD has the same condition is a reasonable question without a definitive answer.

Understand autism to help autistic children

By: Kate Horstmann | Jun 18, 2012 Advance and regular medical science research has either removed or has an effective control over all kind of health issues except for autism which still persist in our world. So its become essential for parents or care-taker to first understand autism or sensory processing disorder, before helping their children or loved once to overcome from trauma of autism as far as possible.

Understand Autism to help Autistic Children

By: Kate Horstmann | Jun 5, 2012 Advance and regular medical science research has either removed or has an effective control over almost all kind of health issues except for autism which still persists in our world.

Best Ways to Identify The Child ADHD Symptoms

By: Child ADHD | May 22, 2012 Beginning recognition and following therapy can go a lengthy way to treat ADHD. Here are some of the most typical the Symptoms of ADHD. Unfortunately, many mother and father are wrong about the actual the Child ADHD Symptoms and, therefore, kids are not handled effectively.

Forget the Retirement Time Bomb. The Electrical Skills Shortage is Already Here

By: William Pollard | May 21, 2012 With the rise of renewable energy and the UK's targets for green energy production, demand has never been higher for skilled electrical installers.

Coping With ADHD And Its Relation To Brain Fitness

By: Thomas Manner | May 17, 2012 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder more commonly referred to ADHD or ADD is a disorder where a person suffers from both attention issues and hyperactivity. ADHD is a problem in both children and adults. Although it is more common in children and affects about 3-5 % of children globally and is diagnosed in about 2 to 16% percent of school aged children.

Is Your Child a Target for Bullies Because of His/Her ADHD?

By: = C.J. Mackey | May 9, 2012 Every child at some point will be the target of unwanted attention from someone at school. But does having ADHD make your child a stronger magnet for bullying behavior? Unfortunately, the fact that they may be more boisterous than other children, blurt out comments or can't wait their turn, may unintentionally cause or escalate an altercation with a bully.
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