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What Do You Know About Tremors And Hand Tremors?

By: Rohan Sinha | Apr 16, 2014 As stated above, tremors are an unintentional, rhythmic movement of a part of the body in a back-and-forth pattern. They are the most common of all involuntary movements and can affect the hands, arms, head, face, voice, trunk and legs.

How to Make Your Journey as a Cancer Patient Fruitful

By: Paula Jimenez | Feb 22, 2014 Immediately following cancer diagnosis, you ought to learn how to make your life fruitful or pleasant. Instead of separating yourself from the people who love you, think about other useful steps like looking for alternative cancer treatments.

Center for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

By: YvetteJones | Nov 28, 2013 Recent medical field technologies brought a drastic change. The old fashion of Hip surgery was resulted in severe pain which could last forever. But the latest Arthroscopic Surgery is different. Patients done woth this surgery can do their usual work in atmost nine months.

5 Calming tips for hyperactive kids

By: Ankur Sharma | Oct 30, 2013 Kids are always expected to be bubbling with high energy. Hence, it does not raise eyebrows when the excitement tends to get on the high side.

Treatment and Prevention of Tennis Elbow

By: Derick Ng | Oct 30, 2013 Tennis elbow is a painful medical condition due to overuse of the tendons in the elbow. Contrary to its name, tennis elbow does not happen to people who are active in playing tennis. Pain is usually felt in the muscles that are attached to the piece of bone that is bumped up at the elbow region.

Meditation: An Effective Child Anxiety Remedy

By: Ankur Sharma | Oct 16, 2013 Child anxiety could be an extremely stressing experience for the kid. The fact is that anxiety among children is a common occurrence - as shown by statistics that one in every 10 children will experience intense anxiety at some point or the other.

7 Behavior Modification Strategies For Children

By: Ankur Sharma | Oct 16, 2013 As a parent, you must be concerned about your child’s behavior attributes especially when he/ she is suffering from ADHD. In such a case, it is best to set up a behavior modification program that you create for your child.

Is It Safe To Have Personal DNA Testing?

By: DNA Consulting | Oct 7, 2013 DNA consulting and testing has become a popular trend with many health-conscious people. The primary purpose of this technology is to help people discover any potential for health problems early on so that they may begin integrating preventative measures, thereby reducing their risk of disease.

Ways to Get Taller Faster - Within a Few Days or Less!

By: Mitchell Smith | Oct 7, 2013 This article will tell you the ways to get taller by altering some of the regular aspects in your life. The tips are applicable and can be done by any age groups. You will discover that you look taller in the mirror within a few days.

Is your child suffering from Fears & Phobias!

By: Ankur Sharma | Sep 30, 2013 Fears & Phobias are something that can be experienced by all at some point or another. However, frequent occurrences of the same could mean that the person is actually suffering from a fear and phobia disorder.
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