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Homeopathic Treatment for Thyroid Problems

By: hariprasad | Sep 25, 2013 Thyroid problems are more common in women, especially in pregnant women. Homeopathic medicine can cure all the thyroid problems effectively and completely.

Kinesiology Tapes for Muscle Correciions

By: Andy Sowards | Sep 24, 2013 When muscles need correction recommended by a physiotherapist, then certain specific tapes are used. Such tapes are specially designed for the corrections they are to make.Kinesiology Tapesare many and have different designs.

Kinestology Taping Technology

By: Andy Sowards | Sep 23, 2013 These are the latest developed tapes with an advanced technology incorporation that enables them to give good results within a short duration. These tapes have brought advanced changes in managing muscle and bone injuries.

Kinesiology Tapes - A Great Relief for Muscular Pains

By: Andy Sowards | Sep 13, 2013 Kinesiology is a term that refers to science behind muscular and skeletal movement.

The Benefits Of Sea Buckthorn Oil

By: Andra | Sep 10, 2013 Sea buckthorn oil has many health benefits including skin protection, increase immunity, and many others. Read all about sea buckthorn oil in the following article.

Know more about Avena Sativa (Common oats)

By: Ankur Sharma | Sep 9, 2013 ‘Avena Sativa’ is the name given to the common oats, which is a regular ingredient in numerous foods. Abundant people from all over the world turn to consuming oats as a dietary staple.

Therapeutic Properties Of Coconut Oil

By: Andra | Sep 6, 2013 Coconut oil is very popular these days because of its properties. Discover how coconut oil can help you.

A Guide to Fears and Phobias in Children

By: Ankur Sharma | Aug 30, 2013 A universal fact is that a child having phobias and fears can be up against a number of different fears at one time.

Can Renal Failure Patients Get Rid of Dialysis

By: wangwaldo | Aug 30, 2013 Dialysis a kidney replacement therapy can remove wastes in kidney failure by using an artificial filter. As a result, symptoms such as anemia, swelling and short breath can be relieved. However, dialysis can not repair the kidneys. Low blood pressure, headache, muscle cramp... are among the common short-term complications. In the long term, chronic complications can occur and kidney function decli

3 Natural tips to combat anxiety attacks in your child

By: Ankur Sharma | Aug 27, 2013 Anxiety attacks are psychological attacks which are triggered suddenly and with devastating effects.
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