What Is Panic Away By Joe Barry

By: Sophie Baker | May 10, 2012 Joe Barry is a former panic attack sufferer, so he knows exactly what you are going through in your struggle with anxiety. His system is invaluable and helps panic attack sufferers worldwide. He knows how exactly how you feel, as he experienced the same symptoms throughout most of his life. However, once he found a solution his suffering ended!

Are You Permanently Stressed: What You Need To Tell Yourself to Tone It Down

By: Barbara Houkk | May 8, 2012 discusses about causes of stress in everyday life. And tips on how to deal and stop where state of tiredness occur.

Are you suffering from the cell phone anxiety?

By: daweidai | May 8, 2012 It is increasingly difficult for the modern people to live without a cell phone. As long as some people forget to bring the cell phones with them, there will be emotional changes to the extreme. They will either become rude, anxious, or depressed. All of these emotions are called the cell phone anxiety.

Benefits Of Physician Dispensing

By: Jane Cruz | May 6, 2012 Physician dispensing envisages a dual role for the physician i.e. of prescribing medication, and distributing the same to patients at 'Point of Care'. Although this concept is currently being followed by a mere 10% of physicians in the country, it is gaining momentum because of the inherent benefits to both the physician and the patients.

An Overview of Snoring

By: Cedric Loiselle | May 2, 2012 Many people are looking for snoring solutions, but it’s important to know about this problem first. This problem jeopardizes sleep. Poor sleep resulting from snoring leads to fatigue and drowsiness during the daytime.

Bipolar Support Groups : Can Help Patients

By: Kevin Smith | May 1, 2012 Bipolar support groups have provided a safe place to socialize and to bounce off their difficulties. It is as well as a place where victims can know that they are not alone in their struggles.

Several things and strategies can be made to control fear of public speaking

By: sophiamilller | Apr 24, 2012 Public Speaking Anxiety is a common issue amongst students, professionals, even those in performing arts and politics.

Natural Anxiety Therapy In Orange County - II

By: carlwells therapist | Apr 23, 2012 No one can deny the fact that people have to suffer from depression and anxiety related problems in their life irrespective of their ages.

A depression therapy is a treatment that encapsulates various kinds of counseling sessions, medications and exercises.

By: rock | Apr 22, 2012 A depression therapy is a treatment that encapsulates various kinds of counseling sessions, medications and exercises.

Techniques for Anger Management

By: Guy Reynolds | Apr 18, 2012 A brief synopsis of methods and techniques to manage anger.
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