Back Pain

Right Mattresses Help Cure Lower Back Pain

By: Matthew Reigle | Jun 28, 2013 Choosing the right set of mattresses can help in lowering back pain problems in many circumstances. As in lot of cases its the wrong posture of body while sleeping which creates back problem than any other ailment.

Finding more information on using an epidural injections for back, knee and shoulder pain treatments

By: Marc Ensign | Jun 26, 2013 Knowing more about the pain management techniques used can help you make the best decision on ridding yourself of the unwanted pain, which most people have an issue coping with.

Easy Methods For Finding Pain Treatment Provider Near You

By: Jade Willsmith | May 28, 2013 Whether you are suffering from gentle pain or intensive pain in the particular areas of your body system, such pain relief centers give you extensive health care. And, it is easy in any respect to locate a pain management facility within driving distance.

4 Major Health Complications from Osteoporosis

By: Derick Ng | May 20, 2013 Osteoporosis is a medical condition that will lead to a gradual decrease in bone density and eventual loss of the skeleton's ability to bear the weight of the body. This is a major cause for fractures and women are at a higher risk due to their already lower bone density and the ability to breast feed.

4 Most Common Gymnastics Injuries

By: Derick Ng | Mar 21, 2013 Gymnastics is a full body and physically demanding sport meant for all gender. Due to its stressful and challenging nature, risk of injuries are extremely high. Although most injuries are minor ones, some can be serious and life threatening! This risk is amplified when risky stunts are attempted. I will discuss some common Gymnastics injuries in this article.

How to Avoid Traveling Aches and Pains

By: James Fedich | Mar 13, 2013 We have all heard of needing a vacation from a vacation, and the aches and pains encountered while traveling generally aren't in.

Spine Surgery: Orthopaedic Surgeon or Neurosurgeon?

By: Derick Ng | Mar 7, 2013 In the event that you require spinal surgery to cure your injured back, the first and most important decision you have to make is to choose between an orthopaedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon. The choice of the right surgeon is extremely important and you have to consider factors such as the experience and success rate of the surgeon. So how different are these 2 doctors?

Treating backaches -

By: Andy Decosta | Mar 5, 2013 Pain in the back can be rather severe if not treated in its early stages itself.

Pain in your backside may also be painful in the brain

By: James Fedich | Mar 4, 2013 Recent researchers have show that the pain in your backside may also be painful in the brain. Analysis conducted at Northwestern University has discovered that long-term lower back serious pain will deteriorate human brain performance. The research was executed on 42 persons, 50% with continual low back pain and half without. The research found that in patients with 6 months or more time of back p

Causes and Symptoms of Lumbar and Thoracic Spine Fracture

By: Derick Ng | Feb 28, 2013 Spinal fractures are extremely serious injuries. They most commonly occur in the thoracic and lumbar spine and are usually caused by high impact and sudden forces exerted on the spine such as a car accident or a fall from high altitudes. Men are more vulnerable to either thoracic or lumbar spine fractures up to four times than that of women and the elderly are also at a higher risk due to their lo
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