Breast Cancer

Methods of Breast Cancer Detection And Treatment

By: Noureen Tanveer | Apr 24, 2012 One of the most feared diseases in women is breast cancer. Although it occurs primarily in women, in some rare cases occur in men. Many women are very afraid of this disease, which may cause the loss of her breasts.

Understanding the Vivo Imaging System

By: SAPerillo | Apr 18, 2012 Vivo imaging also referred to as in vivo (Latin for within the living) is a technology that allows you to view the biological processes and metabolic processes in animal models through the use of non invasive visible light imaging.

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Armpit Abnormal Pain May Be Breast Disease

By: Code Blue | Jan 19, 2012 Armpit pain is the signs of a lot of breast disease, so if our armpit has unusual feeling, not as a trivial matter. The ipsilateral breast is close to the ipsilateral armpit, so the blood supply to the breast, lymph reflux and the contribution of nerve are closely related with the armpit.

What are the various risk factors for breast cancer?

By: vidiyasharma | Jan 19, 2012 A risk factor is something which will make a person gets a particular disease. Having one or more risk factors doesn't mean that a person will develop cancer.

Side Effects Of Breast Cancer Hormone Therapy Chemotherapy

By: Jhon Napier | Dec 13, 2011 Breast cancer is separated into invasive and noninvasive types. Invasive breast cancer spreads from its original place to the surrounding tissues.

Principles of Remote Control Laser Pointer

By: longjing | Nov 4, 2011 Simple green laser pointer, that is, they can be only used as a pointer, without any other function like turning over page through remote control

Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk, Safely and Naturally

By: Isaac Eliaz | Nov 2, 2011 Maintaining optimum cellular health throughout the entire body can greatly reduce your risk of developing a number of age-related diseases and health conditions, namely cancer. Keeping your cells functioning properly, with all organs and systems working in balanced harmony, is the foundation for radiant health and well being.

The Diets for Patients with Breast Cancer during Chemotherapy

By: Code Blue | Nov 1, 2011 Many patients with breast cancer will have a certain cycle of chemotherapy. However, in the process of killing tumor cells, chemotherapy will also cause some side effects such as decreased immunity, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, decreased leukopenia, etc., affecting the normal conduction of chemotherapy.
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