Colon Cancer

Symptoms And Different Stages Of Colon Cancer

By: Dr. Alina | Dec 30, 2010 The symptoms of colon cancer are easily identifiable. Read on to find out information about the symptoms and different stages of colon cancer.

What Is Involved In A Colonoscopy Procedure?

By: Cori Group | Dec 3, 2010 The procedure is administered to make sure that you are not hemorrhaging nor have any type of bowel disease.

Colon Cancer Treatment Options

By: George Edmondson | Apr 2, 2010 There are various forms of treatment available for colon cancer with high success rates. The earlier cancer is detected, the higher the survival rates are.

Bowel Cancer and a Positive Attitude

By: Roger Cuff | Apr 2, 2010 We all know that a positive attitude is a good thing, but how does that apply to bowel cancer? We've all heard about the power of positive thinking. Having a positive attitude and so on.

Ways to Detect Colorectal Cancer

By: Tiffany Provost | Mar 31, 2010 Colon or Colorectal cancer, is one of the leading contributors to cancer deaths in the US. This cancer, just like other cancers, must be caught early so that you can have it properly treated. Although the tests may be difficult and uncomfortable for you, it is most wise for you to be able to know early if you have colorectal cancer so you'll be able to do the necessary actions for you to survive.

The Small and Mighty Acai Berry Fruit and Colon Cancer

By: Martin Willson | Mar 31, 2010 There are many food supplements available in the market today, the manufacturers are praising to high heavens, the efficacy of their products in preventing colon cancer and are using the internet and other media to widen their advertisement but so far none of them could compete with the power of acai berries. Acai berry is the fruit of the acai palm tree which grows in the Brazilian Amazon forest. It is just as small as a purple marble or a grape but it is a mighty fruit; and has been acclaimed as the super food for its contributions to physical health and wellness.

How Acai Berries Prevent Colon Cancer

By: Martin Willson | Mar 31, 2010 Colon cancer is now the second leading cause of death in America; brought about by the kind of life style people are living which is detrimental to the health of the colon system. Just imagine your day-to-day encounter with all the pollutants in the environment and the kind of food you are eating. Foods you eat most likely obstruct your colon, making the organ unable to cleanse itself and can result to colon cancer. But there is a small round fruit, the acai berry, which studies have proven to be very effective in preventing colon cancer.

Bowel Cancer and the Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

By: Jennifer Kirkman | Mar 29, 2010 Colorectal cancer is easily preventable. My article explains this. and why it is important to have a colonoscopy when you reach a certain age.

Risks of Colon Cancer

By: John Glasburg | Mar 27, 2010 Everyone can have colon cancer, fifty year old people and older are more vulnerable. Why? As people age, the cells don't repair damages as well as younger people, and genetic mutations within the colon tissue may cause cells to have excessive growth activity.

Colon Cancer Polyps

By: Aleshia R Osso | Mar 27, 2010 Often, colon cancer begins as a small cluster of cells known as "colon polyps." While benign at first, some of these polyps may become cancerous over time. Doctors routinely perform a colonoscopy...
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