Colon Cancer

6 Steps to Beating Colon Cancer

By: Giselle C. | Mar 27, 2010 When it comes to reducing your risk of developing colon cancer, there is a lot of good news. This is a type of cancer that usually develops slowly, which means that there is time to take steps to prevent it or at least to detect it before it becomes serious. Take action and beat colon cancer today!

Colon Cancer - Prevention Tips

By: Suzanne Maria Jose | Mar 27, 2010 Most individuals develop colon cancer rather slowly, over several years. The first stage of development occurs when a mass of tissues, tumors or polyps (a cluster of benign tumors) grow within the colon walls.

Common Risk Factors of Colon Cancer

By: Naomi West | Mar 26, 2010 Colon cancer is one of the worst types of cancers. Learn how to recognize the risk factors for it and understand where you are.
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