Dying Stands Logic on Its Head

By: Stan Goldberg | Oct 28, 2010 We often harshly judge behaviors we don't understand. They can involve someone's ingratitude, anger, or actions we label as foolish. I recently was guilty of the same thing here in the San Francisco Bay area with one of my hospice patients...

The Hard Work of Dying

By: Stan Goldberg | Oct 28, 2010 Imagine that you’re preparing for a thirty-day trip to a foreign country and you’re limited to taking only what can be carried in a backpack. Your decisions on what to take or leave behind will determine the quality of your experience...

Choosing How to Die. Does it Make a Difference?

By: Stan Goldberg | Oct 28, 2010 If you could choose the way you will die, what would it be. ” Many people cavalierly answer “old age” or “in my sleep,” as if either of these answers will offer relief from an event they’ll do almost anything to avoid thinking about...

John Lennon's Killer Denied Parole For Sixth Time

By: Ryan D. Hogan | Sep 29, 2010 Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon, was denied parole for a sixth time on Sept. 7, 2010. A New York State Division of Parole board denied Chapman request "due to concern for the public safety and welfare...

How To Prepare For The Last Will and Testament?

By: Andrea Dilea | Jul 22, 2010 A person's passage leaves the sorrow to the existing people, sometimes, it is sadder to deal with distributing the assets of the dead person. There are a lot of battles which occur easily in order to gain the right to control inheritance. So that preparing a last will and testament long before they get to their death beds is a neccesary to do for a person with  a significant amount of assets.  

It Is Not Hard To Select Funeral Flowers

By: Brent Blackwell | Jul 20, 2010 What you need to know if you want to make selecting Washington D. C. funeral flowers less hard? It is neccesary to understand a little bit of the basic rules of etiquette when making purchase of funeral flowers. But, once you learn a few things, you will obtain a proper level of understanding that will help you to easily select the right ones for this most somber occasion.

Drawing Up A Plan for A Funeral to Cremate Urns and Fill Wishes !

By: Melody Jamali | Jul 20, 2010 Scheduling for a funeral is appreciated as a process with full of troubles, and you will get more complex problems because of the variety of options for the funeral arrangements. A reasonable number of hours to understand and prepare a complete plan is neccesary for you if you want to finish the wishes of a loved one who has just left his/her final breath.

How To Deal With Death?

By: Christina Grant, Ph.D. | Jul 17, 2010 Everything related to the death is considered unavaible in our daily discussions. This subject is generally feared and met with resistance. While people become thin and weak in their discomfort, we often say the standard line " I'm so sorry". It is not the right way. We should deal with death by honoring the process of dying, noticing our reactions and consciously making an effort to go into

What Everyone Wants to Know About Death, Dying and the Other Side

By: Nicole Lanning | May 23, 2010 Death and dying is a very scary issue for most people. This article is for all of those who have either had loved ones cross over or are facing a terminal illness now and wondering what this holds for them. Everyone knows about the 5 steps of death and dying: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. These are common and typical of everyone, but this article is not about these issues as this has been talked about a lot.

Way to Cope With the Death of a Spouse

By: Maria Umar | May 21, 2010 Losing a partner or a spouse due to a broken down relation is way different than losing a loved one to death. It is a loss that one of the partners in a marriage must inevitably cope with. The lingering hurt is unfathomable and the degree of grief varies depending on the cause of the death and the connection shared between the two of them. And of course the hurt leads to various losses-physic
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