Parent - Child Role Swaps

By: Andrew Yellen, Ph.D. | May 21, 2010 Before he deceased my father-in-law, Dr. Sidney Duboe, used to say, "It takes two parents to bring up six children, but it takes six children to look after two parents." There happens in the life of every child when he or she turns out to be a parent to his or her parent(s). This transition and role reversal often lead to psychological difficulties for both sides. In some situations the opera

Template of Funeral and Memorial Booklets

By: Carole Galassi | May 21, 2010 A funeral booklet is an extended version of a funeral program which is offered at a funeral or memorial service. Often the bereaved family members want to give all attendees a memorial keepsake and a creative funeral booklet is an excellent way to stress a loved one's life in greater detail.

Do the Rites and Rituals of Bereavement Help Reduce the Weight of Grief and Loss?

By: Mel Menzies | May 20, 2010 All cultures and creeds follow rituals to indicate the ending of life. Some perform a very public display of anguish and grief, parading through the streets screaming and beating their breasts; others - as has recently been written in the British press - believe that open air funeral pyres are essential to the release of the spirit; whilst others choose burial or cremation which may, or may n

A Simple Guide to Writing Obituaries

By: Christina Newberry | May 12, 2010 The art of obituary writing involves much more than creating a notice that someone has passed away. It is a chance for you and your family to say goodbye to your loved one, to capture the aspects of that person's life, work, and personality that were most important and that they most want to share with the world.

When Loved Ones Die

By: Obed Kirkpatrick | May 12, 2010 Is death a concern for you? Find out how to deal with it.

3 Important Concerns When Writing a Eulogy For Your Spouse

By: Hal Stevens | May 2, 2010 When times are good and when times are bad, through happy times and painful times, your partner is the one that you have chosen to spend your life with. When your husband or wife passes away, you will likely feel lost and very alone.

3 Important Things to Consider When Writing a Sibling Eulogy

By: Hal Stevens | May 2, 2010 Losing a brother or sister to death is so painful. If you are called on to deliver a eulogy or maybe you just want to as your way of saying goodbye then there are some things that you should know that will make the task much easier.

3 Grounds For Selecting Cremation

By: Hal Stevens | May 2, 2010 By choosing cremation, you don't have to forego a traditional funeral service should such a ritual be your wish. Your options are wide open to a variety of various choices.

3 Unconventional Containers and Ideas on How to Handle Cremains

By: Hal Stevens | May 2, 2010 Inurnment and scattering are the most popular ways of handling cremains, other ways have also become well-liked. While some are somewhat extreme-such as having a container with the cremains shot out of a cannon, or even more intense-into space, others are very charming and sentimental.

4 Ways to Write a Perfect Eulogy

By: Hal Stevens | May 2, 2010 Sometimes during the wake, the funeral services itself or a memorial service, a family member, close friend or clergy member will deliver a eulogy. The term "eulogy" simply means "words of praise." Eulogies are unquestionably the most universal type of memorial.
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