3 Casket Or Container Selections Proper For Cremation

By: Hal Stevens | May 2, 2010 Where the cremains of a body are placed after the procedure is regulated by law. However, the family is protected from false representations.

Sympathy Words - A Few Ideas For Comforting Others

By: Melanie Walters | May 2, 2010 Nearly everybody has, at some time or another, experienced the loss of a loved one. Many have also been in the position to comfort a friend at the loss of someone dear to them. In either case, sympathy words are exchanged.

An Explanation of the Cremation Process

By: Hal Stevens | Apr 30, 2010 For years we have been successfully dealing with families that have lost loved ones and offering them proper guidance. If you are considering cremation for your loved one's final disposition it can be a very difficult decision.
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