Prognosis and Other Facts on Type 1 Diabetes

By: Vanni Jain | Sep 17, 2013 Understanding, participation and patient education is very important since the complications of the disease are very less severe and very less common. Well-controlled blood sugar levels have been developed.

Dealing with Borderline Diabetes

By: Vanni Jain | Sep 16, 2013 Borderline diabetes is also known as pre-diabetes. This condition is very common in the United States. This diagnosis is received by many people due to bad eating habits, increased awareness of diabetes and sedentary lifestyle.

How to Plan a Diet for Gestational Diabetes

By: Vanni Jain | Sep 16, 2013 A healthy diet plan is not only needed for the treatment of gestational diabetes only but also for various other diseases also so that people could keep fit and healthy. When the pregnant women have high level of blood sugar it is known as gestational diabetes.

What Is the Best Diet for Diabetics With High Cholesterol?

By: Vanni Jain | Sep 16, 2013 Diabetes along with high cholesterol is considered to be a very chronic and serious disease. If it is not checked it can cause obesity and heart disease. Patients will be asked by doctor to change their lifestyle as well as diet.

Signs And Symptoms Of Type 1 Diabetes

By: Vanni Jain | Sep 16, 2013 Type 1 diabetes is no more taken into consideration as a juvenile onset, juvenile or childhood diabetes. Usually, type 1 diabetes appears in children who are younger than 4 years. However, it is often seen during adolescence as well.

Indian Diet for Diabetic Patients

By: Vanni Jain | Sep 16, 2013 Indian food diet for diabetes plays a great role in the treatment of diabetes. This diet can be used alone or in combination with various oral hypoglycaemic drugs and insulin injections. The diet plan is usually based on the physical activity, sex, age, weight and height.

Diabetes Diet for Patients with Kidney Disease

By: Vanni Jain | Sep 16, 2013 Diabetes is a major cause of various serious kidney diseases. It is estimated that more than 35 percent of diabetes are affected by serious diseases of the kidneys. The advancement of kidney disease is very fast in diabetics.

Footcare for Diabetes

By: pravesh kumar | Jul 31, 2013 Diabetic foot care is the most essential thing for a diabetic patient. This practice should be maintained or run on a daily basis. Bremed Foot Massager is specially designed for those patients who are suffering from the diabetic foot problem. The best way to get relief and reduce this serious problem that is daily observation.

Ways to naturally cure & prevent diabetes

By: Alli Mack | Jul 25, 2013 There are no specific factors which can cause diabetes & despite of considering enough precautionary measures, this ailment has no reason for causing an impact on the life of the people.

Test your blood glucose level

By: pravesh kumar | Jul 25, 2013 When buying a Blood Glucose Monitor, you have various options to consider. By selecting the right blood glucometer for you, it will be easy to monitor your blood glucose levels. You may also ask your doctor about glucose testing kit. Not only people with diabetes but also family member who are not diagnosed with diabetes can check their blood glucose level. Early diagnosis of diabetes helps to pre
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