How accurate are the calories burned on a treadmill?

By: sngerge | Apr 16, 2013 It is hard for me to reconcile that when I was doing a longer cardio workout it would say I burned 500 calories and now when I do the short burst intervals for 15 to 20 minutes it says I only burned 160 calories. A few people told me that the treadmill reading is wrong anyway. What do you think?

Revitalizing after 50 with the right diet!

By: AndyAsher | Apr 8, 2013 “You are what you eat” it might be a clichéd quote but this five-word citation describes everything when it comes to healthy eating and healthy life. Let’s confess it; most of us were sick of eating green and leafy vegetables when we were kids; still today many of us are! Our carelessness towards eating isn’t visible in teenage or adulthood, but it recoils during our 50s. It was our carel

How to Make Your Child Eat Healthy Snacks?

By: Sirikit Hiyasmin Elebaran | Apr 2, 2013 Now that a lot of fast food restaurants are serving burgers and fries for everyone, as mothers, we have to ensure that our kids receive the proper nutrition their body needs in order for them to be away from various diseases. But reality bites, serving your child a plate with broccoli may be the hardest thing to do. Here are some tips you must do in order for you to make them take the nutrition th

Do Not Eat the Cold Food at Breakfast

By: Code Blue | Mar 29, 2013 The breakfast is very important for the people of the day. Some people like drink some cold juice at breakfast, because of they think it could supply nutrition, and also could add water. Many office ladies like to drink vegetable juice in the morning. Although vegetable juice may provide direct nutrients in fruits to body to and clean the waste, everyone ignored one of the most important key is th

Consume Good Foods for Healthy Heart

By: Vaibhav Kumar Aggarwal | Mar 18, 2013 Why should you consume healthy foods for the heart? Beacuse Heart disease are among the leading causes of death in adults worldwide. Is therefore little more than take care of your heart. Make regular exercise, not smoking, manage stress, eat less total calories, etc.. part of the recommendations given by health experts, along with eating a variety of healthy foods for the heart and full of nutri

Things You Need to Know About Coconut Fruits

By: Paul Young | Mar 14, 2013 Several years back, individuals realized only a few things regarding coconuts. In reality, a large number of people don't realize that coconut belongs to the most healthy food products on the earth. However today coconuts are easily available in most local supermarkets, not everyone knows the perks they're able to give.

The Importance of Good Fats in the Diet

By: Helena Ederveen | Mar 14, 2013 Diets can be a good tool to use in maintaining health. They can help a person become more aware of the foods they are eating as well as the amounts of food they consume.

Without Digestion can’t live

By: SteveBrad | Mar 4, 2013 Whenever we eat food we just care about what we like to eat and keep flooding our mouth with whatever we crave for. While we eat we just forget about our poor digestive system which has to break down and process all the food particles that we have eaten.

Food Lovers Diet

By: Don Harvey | Feb 28, 2013 The objective of food lovers diet is to eat the ideal combination of protein and comprehend certain types of carbs that could speed up metabolism which helps to burn fat.

Facts About food habits

By: marksmitharticle | Feb 22, 2013 Eating habits of human has also effect on health of every person. Every person has a different food habits which are also responsible to make him/her fit. These food habits are important to maintain every person’s health. The food we eat has a big part of vitamins and minerals and these are responsible to make and repair body needs. Different types of food contain different types of vitamins, mi
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