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Hot Weather Has Become One Cause of Stroke

By: Code Blue | Sep 8, 2012 Stroke is a very serious disease, and even threatens the lives of human. However, life is full of so many causes inducing stroke, so we must be very vigilant. As you may know, the hot weather is also one of the reasons which induces stroke. In the follow, let us have a look at the related knowledge.

Genetic Disorders in Humans

By: omicsgroup | Jul 26, 2012 Here we discuss about the genetic disorder by following some method how to identify the disease in humans. By following the DNA and also cells samples easily identified whether there is in the body or not.

Meat Allergy caused by Lone Star tick can turn some to vegetarian

By: Internet Marketing Plan | Jul 13, 2012 As per news, the east coast has been severely affected by meat allergies. Some of the researchers have identified the cause of meat allergy. They have stated that a tiny lone star tick is said to be responsible for spreading the meat allergy abruptly throughout the region. The bite of the identified tiny tick is spreading meat allergy and might turn many to switch over to vegetarian.

Will Sweet Yoghurt Raise Glucose?

By: vidiyasharma | Jun 28, 2012 All types of yoghurt have natural sugar in them in the form of lactose, but there are some brands that contain a higher concentration of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Ablation Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation

By: Gail Dunn | Jun 27, 2012 Are you familiar with atrial fibrillation? This is a type of arrhythmia that is common to people but some have no idea that they have this condition.

How to prevent IgA Nephropathy develop into Renal Failure

By: bingllei | Jun 14, 2012 IgA Nephropathy is a Chronic Glomerular Disaease which is caused by many reasons, and it needs long-term treatment and correct therapeutic method. About 40%~50% patients present gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria, 35%~40% patients present microscopic hematuria accompanying with proteinuria, other patients present Nephrotic Syndrome or Renal Failure.

Life Line Screenings, an Effort to Care for your Health

By: Suzanne Campbell | Jun 7, 2012 The most effective way to improve your life and prevent diseases is by taking life line screenings.

Malaria is a medical emergency

By: bookmydoctor | May 29, 2012 Malaria is a mosquito born human disease and other mammals. Malaria is the infected disease spread by the infected mosquitoes. It is caused by a parasite. From the past few years malaria has been the cause of many deaths worldwide.

Stem Cell Transplant for the Treatment of Hypertensive Nephropathy

By: wangwaldo | May 22, 2012 Hypertensive Nephropathy is mostly onset among the group between 40years old and 50years old, who have Hypertension history about 5 years to ten years. Hypertensive Nephropathy is caused in long-term process. Let us learn about how Hypertension causes kidney disease.

Nurse Navigator and Cancer Patients

By: Suzanne Campbell | May 16, 2012 A nurse navigator can provide the family of cancer patients the emotional support and guidance they need to get through this situation.
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