High-Intensity Work-outs Hold Challenges, Returns

By: ankit.m | Aug 26, 2013 Internet businessman Matt Lombardi said he simply wished to get into shape -- however it took only one session of the preferred P90X workout series to deliver the 29-year-old to the clinic with rhabdomyolysis, a relatively uncommon situation he said his doctors told him occurs when muscle tissue stops working to such an degree that toxins launched into the bloodstream can harm the kidneys.

Use Resistance Bands to Exercise at Home

By: Aiden Tylor | Aug 23, 2013 Kinetic bands are useful exercising tools. People who cannot afford time and money for regular gym sessions can use the equipment for performing exercises at home. In this article, we guide you in performing some basic exercises with bands.

What to contemplate when buying headphones for running

By: Julia Jeffeson | Aug 20, 2013 Music will give you an extra boost when doing sports, but what headphones should you choose? Read on and lean more.

How to Get a Sixpack

By: Jared Ingram | Aug 20, 2013 The goal of many bodybuilding endeavors is to develop a toned and defined abdominal region. The six pack as it's known in popular culture can be a difficult thing to attain.

Exercise Could Ease Your Stomach Woes

By: Alinajagger | Aug 15, 2013 Stomach woes are common in people who eat on irregular timings and who never stick to a normal healthy diet. Party people and restaurant goers who most of the times eat out of home are more susceptible to stomach problems.

Avoid These 5 Workout Mistakes

By: Lee Dobbins | Aug 14, 2013 Having a perfect body like David Beckham or Jennifer Lopez is a desire of men and women in the world in general. And one of common ways that they often follow to make their dream come true is working out.

Top 5 Fitness Myth Debunked!

By: Marcus Winter | Aug 9, 2013 In this article, we have debunked some of the fitness myths that are prevalent among fitness enthusiasts. If you want to know more, you can also take help of fitness experts in Sydney or anywhere else you reside.

Best Advantages of Kinetic Bands

By: Aiden Tylor | Aug 8, 2013 Next generation exercisers are mostly relying on handy and easy-to-use gym equipment. What can be handier than a kinetic band? Let’s check out some of the advantages of these exclusive fitness bands.

6 Tips For Safer Exercise

By: Zidane Randall | Aug 7, 2013 Making time for exercise provides you with a lot of serious mental and physical benefits. Here are 6 tips that you can follow for a safer exercise.

Health Benefits Of Cycling

By: Brittany Stone | Aug 6, 2013 Any form of exercise has health benefits and so does cycling. It is one of the easiest forms of exercise to fit into daily life. Following are 5 health benefits of cycling that you may not know.
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