Aging Eyes: A Cause Of Macular Degeneration

By: jaketyler056 | May 25, 2013 With aging, the retina of eye might get damaged which results in poor vision. This medical condition is witnessed in adults and is classified under two categories: wet and dry. Basically, the damage to retina can be seen at different stages: early, intermediate and advanced.

Computer Glasses - Protective Vision While Working on Computers

By: Navin Prakash | May 17, 2013 Majority of people spend several hours in front of monitor of computer or laptop which is causing eye stain, red eyes, fatigue, blurred vision and other serious symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). These problems affect your work productivity and efficiency by reducing your ability to concentrate on monitor and causing fatigue. Anti glare computer glasses are strongly recommend by the eye s

Fishing Sunglasses - Perfect Eye Protection from Sun Damage

By: Navin Prakash | May 17, 2013 Wearing finishing sunglasses is the coolest trend in the market. These sunglasses make you look very stylish and confident. Sunglasses come with different types of lenses that provide protection to eye against harmful UV rays, dust, dirt and pollution. You can choose from the available wide variety of lenses, designs, sizes, color and price.

A Glimpse on the Benefits of Lasik Cary

By: vik john | May 17, 2013 Working on the computer for long may be harmful to your eyes. The symptoms like tears in eyes, blurred vision are some of the indication that one should never ignore. It will be very helpful to take break in between your work to avoid these problems. For instance, a tea break of about 5 to 10 minute will relax the eyes.

Feel Half Your Age With Vision Without Glasses

By: paul empey | May 7, 2013 Your eyes need special care as you become older. It's critical that you take care of them by seeing an eye professional regularly. Most important, be sure to seek professional care whenever you experience pain in either eye, persistent redness, swelling, disturbances or "spots" in your vision, or if you think your eyesight is changing.

Laser eye correction surgery – magical change in your faulty vision

By: shanayaarticle | May 6, 2013 Laser surgery or Lasik surgery is also called in-situ keratomileusis, is one of the most popular surgery conducted to correct vision in people who may be either farsighted, nearsighted or may have astigmatism.

Eyesight Maintenance

By: Elea Kaplin | May 6, 2013 Most health conscious people who focus on their diet and physical health don’t realize just how important it is to keep good eyesight in mind, too. Although, many people who have healthy eyesight might not even know how they’re doing it...Let’s explore!

Advanced Solutions to Poor Eyesight

By: Peter Roseberg | May 2, 2013 Poor eyesight is a common problem for many people these days. But with advanced solutions and technology, restoring a 20/20 vision is now possible. Read this article to know more about laser eye surgery and Ortho-k lenses.

Blurry Vision – An Aging Factor That Can Be Cured

By: Weldons Dean | Apr 24, 2013 Problem of cataract is almost inevitable with growing age. With a very few exceptions it has been seen that cataract formation can occur in the eyes of any person above mid forties in age. With the advanced technology a cataract surgery can easily cure the problem.

A Brief About What Is Cataract Surgery In Real

By: Weldons Dean | Apr 18, 2013 A cataract surgery is a successful and effective eye surgery that can help in improvising the blur vision problem. Make sure to look for an experienced cataract surgeon who can help you in determining what is cataract surgery and what are its benefits.
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