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Home Remedies for Pimples

By: Jared Ingram | Dec 14, 2013 Many people spend hours in the mirror stressed over the quickest way to clear pimples; it could be one big pimple that suddenly popped up or many pimples that keep recurring. A pimple is a kind of acne that results from excess oil getting trapped in the pores.

The Effects of Wearing Flip Flops To Your Feet

By: Diana Chin | Dec 14, 2013 Flip flops are a popular shoe option when the weather is warm. They are comfortable, lightweight and a quick shoe to slip on and off. While there is not a problem with wearing flip flops, many people tend to over-wear them. Wearing them for hours at a time and on certain surfaces can result in foot pain. Here are some of the effects that wearing flip flops can have on your feet.

Withernsea Primary School receives top health and safety grades

By: Stacey Aston | Dec 13, 2013 Withernsea Primary School should be well-protected from accident at work compensation claims, as it has received an A grade in the School Safe scheme run by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). A recent review into the East Riding of Yorkshire facility showed that the school had good health and safety provisions in place, showing that the 500 pupils in the school have a very small likelihood of being involved in personal injury claims.

How To Prevent And Treat Runner's Knee?

By: Derick Ng | Dec 10, 2013 Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) or commonly known by its nickname as Runner's Knee is a common problem among runners. Due to the extended hours of pounding on the asphalt, the patella can be irritated when it rests on the thighbone. The pain experienced can be sudden and is often on and off. It can be felt before and after running, but not during the run itself.

How Do I Know If I Need Hip Replacement Surgery?

By: Derick Ng | Dec 4, 2013 Hip replacement surgery is not something that everyone needs. However due to certain medical conditions such as osteoarthritis, hip replacement surgery may be the only way to get back a good quality of life. The choice is still ultimately up to you on whether to undergo hip replacement surgery or to take pain relief medication to tide you through.

Some Tips on How To Stop Overeating

By: Zidane Randall | Nov 30, 2013 Overeating is really a challenge to overcome. You can overeat when you are bored, happy or even comfortable. Many people find it difficult to put an end to this destructive addiction. However, it is certainly not impossible to do.

5 Tips on How to Stay Healthy at Work

By: Brittany Stone | Nov 28, 2013 Because of work requirements, many people are forced to be sedentary for hours of the day in their offices. However, experts say that sitting for long periods of time can cause stress, pains, aches and other adverse effects.

Best And Easily Available Superfoods And Their Health Benefits

By: Aimee Sparker | Nov 28, 2013 One of the biggest food related phenomenon that is creating the most buzz among health and diet conscious people is the phenomenon of ‘superfoods’. Every other health blog and magazine contains the mention of superfoods, and how they benefit the body.

How Do I Know If I Need Knee Replacement Surgery?

By: Derick Ng | Nov 27, 2013 Knee replacement is considered a major surgery and there are many factors to consider first before making a decision. It is a question that cannot be answered easily. Rather, it requires you and your orthopaedic surgeon to sit down and ponder through all the possible options available to you before deciding on it.

Some Useful Tips on How To Prevent Arthritis

By: Neil Karen | Nov 25, 2013 Arthritis is among the leading causes of work disability. Here are some useful tips that can help you prevent arthritis effectively. You can incorporate these simple lifestyle tactics into your daily routine starting today.
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