Abnormal Heart Rhythm Can Lead to Health Catastrophe

By: Chelsea Andrews | Feb 10, 2012 Everyone who has abnormal heart rhythm should not take this for granted since this is can lead to serious complications or even death.

Smith's "long eye-catching road" builds up to Local

By: Zach Randolph | Jan 29, 2012 Smith's "long eye-catching road" builds up to Local

prevent public interests on meizitang are illegal

By: Longjing | Jan 12, 2012 the formulation of standards for meizitang fruta planta pills more criticism, the competition between them also makes standards is a fierce game process

Modern Treatments or Natural Therapy - Which is Better to Cure Heart Diseases?

By: Annphilip | Jan 8, 2012 Changing lifestyles and food habits are increasing the chance of blockages in the arteries. A person feels pain or discomfort when his heart will not receive the blood supply it needs to work properly. To reduce symptoms such as pain and to improve a person's quality of life doctors suggest treatments like angioplasty. A judicial combination of yoga and diet control can also help a patient to keep

The Heart Is More Than a Simple Muscle

By: Rachelle Kirk | Nov 14, 2011 Your heart is the hardest working muscle in your body. Each day it pumps approximately 2 thousand gallons of blood to every organ and cell. Although the heart is a muscle, its highly specialized cells do something else you might not expect.

Recognizing Symptoms of Heart Disease

By: Rachelle Kirk | Nov 11, 2011 More people die each year due to cardiovascular diseases than any other cause of death worldwide. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of heart disease is important for saving lives. Do you have any of these symptoms?

Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Infants

By: Sarra Marie | Oct 22, 2011 Neonatal respiratory distress occurs in premature infants who have not yet produced adequate amounts of surfactant. The condition causes difficultly breathing in newborns. Surfactant is a substance that coats the lungs and alveoli, and facilitates the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

traditional Chinese medicine theories for losing weight

By: longjing | Oct 22, 2011 Traditional Chinese medicine theory is dialectic and will help lose weight effectively and healthily. Here meizitang will introduce some of traditional Chinese medicine theories for losing weight.
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