Medical Tourism

A comprehensive guide to Spinal surgery

By: nainynicole | Apr 16, 2012 Spinal surgery is conducted on patients who suffer from ache that is connected to spine or from back ache. There can be different causes for back pain.

Lose 10 Pounds Fast

By: lbslose | Apr 13, 2012 Most of us actually don’t need to lose weight but just to fit in dress that was bought a year ago, we search for such methods. There are some easy ways by which you can lose 10 pounds fast. For this we need top understand our body first. y. Once you understand your body behavior and metabolism you can yourself make certain ammedndmends in your diet and lifestyle with whichi you can easily lose

Cost effective medical tourism boom in India

By: jason clark | Apr 12, 2012 Millions of tourist from all around the world visits this exotic destination each year to have a great holiday under the historic and ancient beauty mixed with all modern facilities; medical tourism in India has also gained popularity for being Asia’s most famous medical tourism destination.

Hospitals in India – complete healthcare Indian service

By: jason clark | Apr 12, 2012 Every city has Government and private hospitals in India. Government hospitals provide treatments full of free service to the poor people and charging for the treatment is also low cost to everyone. Compared to government from private hospitals are little bit high in charging.

What to Look for In a Chiropractor

By: Tamra Cross | Apr 1, 2012 We all have those days when something just doesn't feel right, or we have an ache or a pain somewhere, and it affects our whole day. When something feels "out of whack" we can certainly see how this impacts our daily life.

Medical Tourism, the newest craze in town.

By: glynford | Mar 29, 2012 What would you do to get good healthcare? Would you travel the globe for better cheaper alternatives, possibly making a vacation out of it? If yes then you are a part of one of the newest trends that has seemed to have caught a good amount of traction in the last few years. So much that people have been adjusting their family vacations to suit their medical needs.

How to choose best knee surgeons in India

By: Kundan Kumaar | Mar 28, 2012 The knee surgeons in India ensure that operations are safe and have a very good success rate of approximately 90-95%.

Breast Cancer Treatment in India Under Renowned Cancer Surgeons

By: jason clark | Mar 24, 2012 Breast cancer treatment in India has become a place for patients who are in need of urgent treatment and who are looking for affordable option. Cancer treatment is very costly in countries like UK, USA, Canada etc.

All That You Need to Know About Medical Tourism in India

By: devidhussain | Mar 24, 2012 The medical tourism industry in India is growing fast, turning this country into the preferred location for medical treatments for patients from across the globe. With India emerging as one of the leading economies of the world, medical science in India has undergone significant technological advancement.

Medication and Psychotherapy

By: Alice Ken | Mar 23, 2012 Medication is the practice of treating a patient with medicine, whilst psychotherapy is a system highly thought to eradicate or aid in halting psychological or behavioral problems in human beings. These psychotherapy techniques are applied orally hence, a patient and a therapist must contact each other directly to strengthen their relationship (Gaylin, 2000). According to meta-analyses, psychother
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