Seek Specialized Dental Billing Services to Sail Through High Collection Rate Challenges

By: Andersen Keen | Apr 25, 2014 Challenges related to patient payment collection have been affecting more than 45% of dental practices across the US. Providers consider past due balances to be a major hindrance in running a practice smoothly.

Criteria of EHRs Selection

By: John Edword | Apr 19, 2014 Anxiety of adopting an EHR makes things difficult for the health care specialists.

Key Facts about Post Nasal Drip and Nausea

By: Sam O'neal | Mar 31, 2014 Post nasal drip is an irritating condition when the mucus accumulates at the back of the patient’s throat. Effective treatment for this disease will depend on its causes, not the symptoms.

Vitiligo - Treatment with Monobenzone Cream Works Well

By: Raymond Arvidson | Jan 6, 2014 Monobenzone cream is a useful vitiligo treatment option provided it is not applied indiscriminately and a call is taken on a case to case basis.

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

By: John Edword | Dec 25, 2013 Health Information Exchange is not only to interact, communicate or exchange the health care information among health care organizations, but also to bring health care industry closer to each other.

Best EHR Practices

By: John Edword | Dec 17, 2013 To know about the meaningful use of EHR is difficult when a majority of the workers have switched from a paper based practice to EHR software and using this application first time ever

Hand Pain Myths and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

By: Frank Stafford | Nov 4, 2013 For a disease that's as common as carpal tunnel syndrome, it's not surprising that many people have come up with their own explanations for what causes the disease. Many of these misconceptions can cause people to give themselves erroneous mis-diagnoses, when they should just be consulting a hand care specialist for treatment. Beware of these common carpal tunnel myths if you suspect that you are

Tips in Finding the Right Chiropractors in Thundersley

By: Sanjay Das | Oct 29, 2013 There are a lot of chiropractic methods that each chiropractic specialist uses. You might find chiropractors in Thundersley that implement a mixture of methods during the adjustment process to improve your overall health.

A Brief History of Human Anatomy

By: Robert Phillips | Oct 22, 2013 It is strongly believed by medical experts and historians that anatomy is the oldest medical science. Anatomy could be defined as the scientific study of the structure of animals, plants, and human beings. The term “anatomy” hails from the Greek words meaning “to cut up”, since knowledge of anatomy was obtained centuries ago through dissection.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: A Better Treatment Option

By: Sanjay Das | Oct 18, 2013 An endoscopic discectomy treatment will be required to prevent the activity, usually done through combination. Benefits of non-invasive surgery treatment include smaller cuts, quicker restoration times, and less discomfort.
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