Multiple Sclerosis

Legendary Texas Football Coach and Stem Cell Recipient Sam Harrell Returns to Coaching

By: Jay Lenner | May 9, 2012 In 2010, the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis forced Sam Harrell to retire from his position as Head Football Coach at Ennis High School. But after receiving 3 courses of stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama, Sam is returing to the gridiron once again. Sam Harrell is one of hundreds of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis who have sought treatment abroad at the

Manchester United Soccer Business

By: Zach Randolph | Feb 11, 2012 Manchester United Soccer Business

HIPAA exercising and training to secure the comfort of the patient

By: ram kumar | Jan 22, 2012 Better known as the Insurance plan security overall health Insurance plan Flexibility and Liability Act, HIPPA law has been started to obtain customer security in 1996.

What is dengue fever

By: umar waqas | Oct 17, 2011 Dengue is the most important arthropod-borne viral disease of public health significance. Compared with nine reporting countries in the 1950s

NIKE shoe enterprises GYAKUSOU qiu dong season held special events

By: mulberryhandbags | Oct 15, 2011 NIKE shoe enterprises GYAKUSOU qiu dong season held special events

Taking a Closer Look at BenSherman

By: fashionshopsonline | Oct 7, 2011 Get more style and fashion tips, news and updates at is your one stop site for fashion. Shop at your favorite fashion shops and brands online and get tips,news and coupon discount all in one place.

How to keep healthy in autumn

By: longjing | Oct 3, 2011 The cool weather in golden autumn is the best for outdoor activities. We should get up early and go to bed early in autumn. After eating a meizitang botanical slimming in the morning, we should go out to do some exercises, such as climb, jogging, brisk walking, cold bath and other exercise programs.

How To Make Multiple Sclerosis Not Damage Your Body and Immune System?

By: Kim Nelson | Aug 24, 2010 If you have heard about multiple sclerosis, then you must know that this disease cannot be cured and that the sufferers' immune system will attack its body. Yet, thanks to the advancement in science, people developing this disease do not have to experience pain in their lifetime. Nowadays, there are some certain kinds of medication which can help suppress, or inhibit the body's immune system. Beca

What Are Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons?

By: Laura Bramble | Jul 19, 2010 Facing some debilitating diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's and Lou Gehrig's disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS) means that Patients have to undergo a gradual reduction in their body's ability to perform voluntary muscular functions. There are many cures for these slow diseases. Current treatment often includes of medications and techniques to slow down the signs of disease and the impairment of the body. Scientists are not sure the causes of these diseases although there are cases that show that a small number of sufferers may inherit them.

Other Multiple Sclerosis Alternative Treatment to Try Besides Medication

By: Gary P Owen | May 20, 2010 Multiple sclerosis alternative treatment can offer you places that conventional treatments cannot. You may be able to mitigate or even reverse the disease process to some degree, enabling you to decrease your medication and stay mobile and walking. There are numerous different new programs that have helped many MS patients over the years. If you cannot bear multiple sclerosis medicines or sim
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