Multiple Sclerosis

Exercises For MS - Yoga is One of the Best

By: Gary P Owen | Apr 27, 2010 One of the most popular exercises for MS patients today is yoga, this gentle exercise is used not only to stretch the muscles and keep the body in shape but also to help keep the mind fit and relaxed. Exercise is very important to the multiple sclerosis patient, while it helps to keep the body fit it also can be used to teach the patient how to breathe properly and meditate to bring the mind back into focus.

Diagnosed With MS - Where to Go From Here

By: Gary P Owen | Apr 27, 2010 For the person who has just been diagnosed with MS there are usually two reactions that occur almost simultaneously. The first is relief, this comes with finally being able to have a reason as to why their body is behaving the way it does, from the blurred vision and spastic muscle movements to the inability to control their bladder. The second is depression, many people think that being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis means that their life is destined to end up in a wheelchair with no quality of life.

Curing MS - A Different Perspective

By: Gary P Owen | Apr 27, 2010 Over the years there have been many people and companies who have claimed to have a way of curing MS. The reality is that there is currently no known cure for multiple sclerosis, only ways to alleviate the symptoms and reduce the number of exacerbations. In many instances this may seem like a cure for the patient with MS.

Healthy Cures For MS

By: Gary P Owen | Apr 27, 2010 While the medical community continues its search for cures for MS perhaps they are looking in the wrong direction. Seeking to cure everything with more and stronger drugs may not always be the answer. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system of the body attacks perfectly normal cells under the premise that they are harmful and need to be destroyed. The destruction of these cells occurs in the brain and myelin sheath of the spinal cord.

Coping With MS After You Are Diagnosed

By: Gary P Owen | Apr 25, 2010 Part of coping with MS is learning as much as you can about the disease and what the symptoms are as well as how they will affect the quality of your life. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease; this means that your body's immune system is no longer functioning correctly. To be more specific your immune system sees the cells in the myelin sheath that protects your brain and spinal column as invaders and releases anti bodies that destroy perfectly good cells. The resulting scarring causes the various symptoms associated with MS.

MS Signs and Symptoms

By: Gary P Owen | Apr 22, 2010 There are over 50 MS signs and symptoms with more being discovered all the time. A complex disease that affects the central nervous system, there is literally no part of the body that multiple sclerosis does not affect. Symptoms vary in terms of their severity and how long they last as well as how they are treated. While there are some treatments for MS itself, many of the treatments available focus on treating the symptoms of this disease.

MS Exercise - Best Exercises For Multiple Sclerosis

By: Gary P Owen | Apr 22, 2010 If you have MS, exercise should be an important part of your daily program and there are a number of different exercises that have been shown to be excellent for people with multiple sclerosis. Choosing an exercise should be based on your personal fitness level, the progression of your disease, and doctor recommendations.

Multiple Sclerosis - Bladder Problems Are Very Common

By: Gary P Owen | Apr 22, 2010 For at least 80% of people who suffer from multiple sclerosis, bladder control is one of the most frustrating symptoms. For many patients it often means that they cannot control their bladders and experience periods of leaking and the need to urinate urgently. For others it can mean exactly the opposite where their ability to urinate is hampered significantly.

Multiple Sclerosis - Learning to Live a Full and Productive Life

By: Gary P Owen | Apr 22, 2010 When the doctor diagnosed you with multiple sclerosis it is likely your instant reaction was one of dread and fear. While perceptions of those with this disease are different, there are a number of people who picture those with MS as permanently and totally disabled, and while this may be the case for a few, with what is now known about this disease and the medications that are becoming available this no longer needs to be the case.

Multiple Sclerosis and Double Vision

By: Gary P Owen | Apr 22, 2010 Visual impairment is quite common in MS and double vision is one of the most common types of visual problems seen with multiple sclerosis. Double vision or diplopia is the result of lesions on the brain stem where the nerves that connect to the eyes originate. This symptom is often a very early sign of MS and can cause a loss of balance and nausea as a direct result of the double vision.
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