What is Agoraphobia?

By: Stephen Price Price | May 4, 2006 Most people don’t know what agoraphobia is. Because of this, many people who get agoraphobia often take a year, and in some cases, many years, just finding out what is wrong with them. Since the panic and anxiety symptoms that come with agoraphobia are so physical, people who get agoraphobia commonly visit a succession of doctors trying in search of a diagnosis. Since medical doctors are not usually trained to diagnose agoraphobia, let alone anxiety disorders, agoraphobia has had time to become deeply rooted in most people before they know enough about the disorder to seek the proper treatment and being recovery. This article defines agoraphobia, describes its major symptoms, and offers a website as a resource for further information.

How Hypnosis Helps Phobias

By: Alan Crisp | Nov 4, 2005 Phobias can be very disabling to people from all walks of life and hypnosis can help them overcome their fears quickly and effectively.

How hypnotherapy helps with phobias

By: Alan Crisp | Sep 12, 2005 Many people in the UK and around the world suffer from a phobia, and this deep seated fear is often very restricting. Hypnotherapy can help.
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