Prostate Cancer

What Are the Treatments For Prostate Cancer?

By: Dr. Alan Jenks | May 19, 2010 When it comes to prostate cancer the personal decision of the patient is truly important; the doctors can advise and recommend therapies and treatments, but it's the patient's preference, combined with the severity of the problem that make a difference. Let's see what are the treatments for prostate cancer.

A Guide on How to Promote Good Prostate Health

By: Dr. Alan Jenks | May 17, 2010 Keeping your prostate gland in good health is critical for men of all ages, but particularly so for men of 50 years of age and over. It is then when signs of trouble can often first be noticed and knowing how to promote good prostate health can stave off the nastiest of all diseases, cancer.

Useful Information on Foods That Fight Prostate Cancer

By: Dr. Alan Jenks | May 17, 2010 According to numerous studies and researches, there are many foods that are reported to prevent cancer, or reduce the possibility of the disease. Here is some useful information on foods that fight prostate cancer.

Information You Need on Prostate Cancer

By: Dr. Alan Jenks | May 17, 2010 Prostate cancer forms in the tissues of the prostate gland, which is only found in men. This is information on prostate cancer you need. This gland is a part of the male reproductive system, and it sits below the bladder and behind the rectum. Generally, this type of cancer, when it occurs, is found in older men. Read as much on this male-specific cancer as you can, as you get older, and never ignore warning signs.

What Are Symptoms of Prostate Cancer Telling You to Do?

By: Dr. Alan Jenks | May 17, 2010 Prostate cancer is a common form of the disease that often manifests itself in older men. There is no exact age, but from 50 years onwards you may begin to exhibit some symptoms, and if you do, what are symptoms of prostate cancer telling you to do? To go and see your doctor at the very earliest opportunity.

An Enlarged Prostate and What it Can Cause

By: Dr. Alan Jenks | May 15, 2010 It's a topic that most men over the age of forty try to avoid discussing with their doctor, the topic of an enlarged prostate and what problems it can cause. First let's get one thing straight, an enlarged prostate is more than an inconvenience of aging as a man, it's a serious medical condition. That condition can cause the prostate to press down on the urethra which makes a man have to urinate more than normal. The enlarging of the prostate is sometimes referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH for short. BPH happens to almost every man after the age of forty and despite some beliefs does not increase a man's chance for prostate cancer.

How Do They Figure the Aggressiveness of Prostrate Cancer?

By: Dr. Alan Jenks | May 15, 2010 There are many concerns nowadays in regards to cancer. One in particular that bothers many is the aggressiveness of prostate cancer in men. People are wondering how they figure the aggressiveness of prostate cancer. There are theories that have been developed by researchers. Let's explore them now.

Is Prostate Cancer Surgery Successful?

By: Dr. Alan Jenks | May 12, 2010 Many men suffer from prostate cancer. In the deaths of all men, 3% were linked to it. When cancer of the prostate is diagnosed, there are three general treatment procedures that can be followed, radiation, surgery and "wait and see".
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