Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

By: Aidan John | Sep 11, 2013 Smoking is injurious to health, everyone knows that but still we see so many people around us in the society indulging in the bad habit of smoking.

Electric Cigarette Safe Way To Quit Smoking

By: Sidonie Luiza | Aug 31, 2013 The electric cigarette has been the latest innovative discovery that aids in enhancing human life. Easy to carry and lightweight, they are presently found in affordable prices.

Best E Cigarette Reviews For Video People

By: George Roy | Aug 12, 2013 E cigs have been sought after for a few years now, these devices would possibly appeal mostly to smokers who would either want to quit smoking or perhaps just use a healthier option in order to cut down the amount they are smoking, these e cigs are certainly ideal for a variety of people. These devices now differ in the way they used to be made as you can now buy them in a much more simple and eas

Electronic Cigarette - Safer Alternative to Smoking

By: Electronic Cigarette | Aug 12, 2013 Every smoker in the world might have ever thought that could there be any way that smoking would be continued but no harm is going to happen. Every year around 10 million of people die for smoking in United States of America. Among these about 42,000 are from smoking-related cancers, 30,000 from cardiovascular disease and 29,000 die gradually from emphysema and such other diseases of chronic lung

Electronic Cigarettes—A harmless Option for the Smokers

By: CIGR8 Electronic Cigarettes | Jul 22, 2013 Electronic cigarettes is not a way to quit smoking, rather it is a way to keep on smoking harmlessly. It would cost you less money, and more importantly it would save you from any sort of health hazards.

A Few Pointers for Beginners looking for Best Cuban Cigars

By: Cigars of Habanos | May 31, 2013 Taste is one of those things that sometimes reviewers talk about. This can be as intimidating for beginners as it would probably be for wine tasters. Many experts, writers and reviewers always talk of the typical Cuban Cigar taste.

5 Ways to Spot a Fake When Buying Cuban Cigars in the US

By: Cigars of Habanos | May 22, 2013 The original Cigars from Cuba are of very high quality and made with precision. Usually most fakes cannot match the quality because of the conditions in which they are manufactured in. However, counterfeiters have been making an effort to make the fakes look as real as possible.

Electric Cigarette- A Look into Its Advantages

By: Sidonie Luiza | May 18, 2013 The battery is also an accessory, where one must pay attention to. For example if an individual is a light smoker then even a weak battery will do.

Evidence Based Reasons to Quit Smoking - A 2013 Update

By: Victor E. Battles | Apr 5, 2013 Newly released scientific research data is compelling evidence that individuals who smoke have shorter lifespans and individuals who quit smoking add years to their lives.

Best Electronic Cigarette For Summer

By: George Roy | Apr 1, 2013 Vapor cigarettes have been mass produced for around 3 years, the device itself is a fantastic a piece of ingenuity and the market is aimed at smokers, whether they are trying to kick the habit all together or are just social smoker looking for the healthier option, the e cigs have mass appeal and are great for all types of people. The size of these devices now differs as you can purchase them eith
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