Disease is a Mal-Adaptation to Stress

By: Dr. Greg Ellis | Feb 9, 2012 Disease is a Mal-adaptation to stress. Most “stressed-out” people have a very limited view of the total number of agents that represent stress to an organism. Stress is triggered by far more things than bad marriages and money worries. The causes of stress comprise far more issues than those related to emotional issues including any condition or agent that unbalances and disturbs the normal eq

Stop Worrying Information

By: Doreen Crdona | Feb 9, 2012 A guide to understanding why people worry and how to change your thought patterns to decrease your worrying habits.There are a lot of ups and downs, but with the right information, you will be able to conquer this harmful habit. And that’s why I wrote this article – because now that I am free from excessive worrying, I want you to find out what particular steps helped me get to where I am righ

Causes, Preventive Measures, And Home Remedies For Nosebleed

By: Cody Watson | Feb 3, 2012 Nosebleed may be caused due to the factors like sinus infections, intake of allergic medicines, nose picking, blowing the nose too hard, hypertension, alcohol abuse, cold or influenza.

Stress, Life, and Your Health

By: Rachel Carey | Feb 3, 2012 Life and stress – it just seems like one never appears without the other. This is particularly true of young adults who are still striving to make their mark on this world. It’s just that even as we pursue life to its fullest, stressors appear and make life difficult. There’s just so much to worry about, like work and relationships. Life is about challenges, but sometimes the challenges are

What Is Stress and How Do You Cope With It?

By: Chris Jenkinson | Feb 1, 2012 Stress affects all of us at one time or another and it can manifest itself in many different forms, from sleeplessness or lethargy to irritability and increased blood pressure. It is important, therefore, to learn some methods of coping with stress so that it doesn’t take over your life.

Effects Of Music On Happiness

By: Robert F Lee | Jan 30, 2012 Each of us has paraphrased the William Congreve line from his play, The Mourning Bride: “Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast (actually, breast).” But what is the empirical evidence to support this statement, and, in turn, what impact does music have on our stress levels and degree of happiness, as well as our health?

Chiropractor can free you from severe headaches

By: Jennifer miller | Jan 26, 2012 Headache is an illness caused by stressed neurons in the brain and an expert chiropractor can certainly provide you good solution for it. If you ask the people who suffer from severe headache, they will tell you there is nothing worse in the world than severe headache. Sometimes the pain it causes to you is so unbearable that you will totally lose control of what you are doing. You will not able t

The Wonderful Ayurveda Stress Management Solution for Rejuvenated Life

By: Article Manager | Jan 19, 2012 Stress busting is essential for soul and body so that rejuvenated feeling enthuses and a person enjoy the life to the fullest; it can be done well with Ayurveda stress management system at place.

Information on Hypopnea along with the Kleine Levin Syndrome

By: Tia Arnold | Jan 17, 2012 Sleeplessness belongs to the sleeping problems most people are conscious of. Folks really should know, even so, that you will find hundreds of diverse disorders. These may include hypopnea along with the Kleine Levin syndrome.

Listing the Causes of Insomnia

By: Simon Leeks | Jan 16, 2012 Insomnia is not a condition that only has a few symptoms. But, a disorder that starts up because of more than one reason. The reasons for insomnia can be the result of emotional or medical issues. Or, it may be as a result of your habits or the way that you live. In this article, we will talk about some of the more traditional reasons that insomnia exists. This should help you to know why you are
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