Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight In Less Than 24 Hours?

By: jenny j robert | May 2, 2014 24 hour weight loss is not a difficult task if you have the necessary will power and right plans to follow. If you want to do something then go ahead do it. Set a goal, make some plans and achieve it.You can easily lose 2 to 3 pounds. It takes a little effort. Do cardiovascular exercises, take fibers, and drink a lot of water. But that is not the end of story. Some interesting facts and figures ar

Weight Loss Diet: Apply Mental Strength to Win the Battle

By: Vivek Yadav | Apr 24, 2014 Men and women should start weight loss diet program knowing what to expect in return. They should not get ahead of themselves by expecting too many things in a short period of time.

Why People Now Recognize that Weight Related Issues Start in the Mind

By: Christine Edwards | Apr 22, 2014 Stress is the prime factor of weight gain, If you are getting fat despite the hard efforts of exercising and dieting, then the problem might not be physical.

Reducing Weight with Pranayama

By: Vivek Yadav | Mar 19, 2014 How to reduce weight? Has this question become the pivot of your life? Then calm down, take a deep breath and read on. You ideally would have tried all the common crunches, pushups, sit-ups etc.

The 3 Rules of Weight Loss For The Ages

By: Jared Ingram | Mar 15, 2014 When it comes to dropping weight and getting fit, many people assume that there is no hope. Some even throw in the towel after trying several different break through diets.

Ideas for Rapid Weight Loss

By: logesh | Feb 27, 2014 Weight loss is the ultimate goal for everyone who is committed to dieting. Today, most people looking for healthy weight loss ideas because they want to experience the positive benefits without wasting time or energy. Weight loss can be easily accomplished if you maintain effective and healthy weight loss routine where you can monitor your progress and make adjustment to the weight loss plan as r

Lose Weight Before Getting Rid of the Folds

By: Tom Gilmour | Jan 24, 2014 Extreme changes to your lifestyle may not be the right way to approach weight loss. Your body becomes accustomed to your unhealthy eating and exercise habits and therefore rapid weight loss has its downside.

How Body Contouring Treatments Assist Major Weight Loss

By: Diana Chin | Jan 9, 2014 When people have achieved major weight loss, whether it is due to diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, sometimes they have large areas of excess skin that is embarrassing and detracts from the weight loss achievement. Body contouring is a kind of surgery that can remove fat and skin and help improve the shape of certain areas of the body.

Top 5 Healthy Juices For Easy Weight Loss

By: Elisa Wasson | Nov 29, 2013 There are some specific fruits and vegetables that promote healthy weight and their pure juice forms even make dropping pounds more achievable. Following are 5 best healthy juices that can help you shed some extra pounds quickly, safely and effectively.

The Safest Way to Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

By: Christine Edwards | Nov 29, 2013 Gastric band hypnotherapy is the perfect and safest option for weight loss.
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