Weight Loss

Facts About Losing Weight

By: Andra | Nov 28, 2013 Many unauthorized persons recommend different diets, which most often do more harm than good. On the other hand, the real experts say that it is best not to follow drastic diets.

How Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

By: Tomas Jonsson | Nov 25, 2013 Green tea has many health benefits. One of those benefits is that it can help you lose weight. In this article, you will learn why green tea is so good for your health, and how it can facilitate weight loss.

Dr. Dion Presents: Childhood Obesity - Is This Epidemic the Beginning of the End?

By: Jared Ingram | Nov 18, 2013 Sad to say but there are many different reasons why children become overweight and obese. One of the most commons causes are an environmental factors such as limited physical activity, unhealthy eating or more than likely a combination of both.

Dr. Dion Presents: Can Detoxification Help You Lose Weight?

By: Jared Ingram | Nov 18, 2013 If you are the average American I'm sure you've made a trip to the mall or store and have seen that as a nation we currently have big, big problems on our hands.

Dr. Dion Presents: The Healing Power of Love

By: Jared Ingram | Nov 18, 2013 One of the greatest motivators in this world is love. Lots of different things occur and happen all in the name of love. You could lose everything but hold onto love and it would feel like you have everything. Love has been talked about in books, songs and poetry for millennia.

Dr. Dion Presents: Can Prayer Help You Lose Weight?

By: Jared Ingram | Nov 18, 2013 If you are a person who believes in God and has faith they you know that a person can cope with quite a lot such as medical illness, addiction, depression, emotional pain, despair and physical pain just through the power of prayer alone.

Dr. Dion Presents: Can Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight and Keep It Off?

By: Jared Ingram | Nov 18, 2013 It is absolutely true that water is essential for weight loss success and living a healthy life overall. Most people have heard that you should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. The truth is that the amount of water you actually need depends on your weight, activity level, the temperature and humidity of your environment, and of course, your diet.

Losing Weight is Not So Easy But Not Too Tough

By: Mohammad Shawon | Nov 12, 2013 Health is a great asset in our life. Without it we can be happy. So it’s up to us if we want to be happy then we needed to make a good health without overweight.

Some Tips On How To Stop Gaining Weight This Winter

By: Brittany Stone | Oct 22, 2013 The cold weather of winter often interrupts your workout routine, causing you to gain weight. What you eat and how you live also add some extra pounds to your body.

You Need a Good Sleep to Lose Weight

By: Mohammad Shawon | Oct 15, 2013 Sir Isaac Newton says that what if anything goes up definitely comes down. I think you understand that why I use it in here; if you have an overweight body no problem you still have many ideas to lose weight. So start working for losing weight from today with a good sleep.
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