Weight Loss

Causes Of Unexplained Weight Loss

By: Andra | Oct 14, 2013 Most people want to lose weight and often they succed. However, sudden weight loss can be a sign of a disease, condition, or a poor diet.

Weight Loss with Green Coffee-bean Extract

By: ankit.m | Oct 11, 2013 Coffee-bean extracts have now been getting a lot of attention recently. This can be as a result of large amount of media interest that points out how of good use it is for fat loss.

Effective Ways to Lose Weight in a Week

By: Vanni Jain | Oct 1, 2013 People always wonder whether it is possible to lose weight in a week or not. People can easily lose some grams while they are on a diet. But there are many tips which help in weight loss. People can definitely cut down on weight in one week.

Yoga as a mean to lose weight perfectly

By: Vanni Jain | Oct 1, 2013 Yoga is obviously one of the common forms for maintaining a healthy life. Yoga for weight loss is obvious way for sure that can make you get rid of your excess weight without any side effects for sure.

How does yoga help in weight loss?

By: Vanni Jain | Sep 30, 2013 Yoga is a very old form of mental and physical discipline. The origination of yoga is in India. There are many health benefits of yoga, as positive energy is provided to the mind as well as the body of the practitioner.

Useful Weight loss tips

By: Vanni Jain | Sep 28, 2013 There are several handy useful weight loss tips which may be put into use for you to expertise immediate advantages in your life. It’ll make you feel more confident in many other ways. Being Obese not only makes you look less attractive but also make you lose your self esteem.

Weight gain tips for middle age women

By: Vanni Jain | Sep 27, 2013 Sometimes there are many women who are underweight. The body mass index must be calculated. If it is less than 18.5 then a woman is underweight. There are various supplements that help in gaining weight.

Measures and Tips to Lose Weight Quickly

By: Vanni Jain | Sep 27, 2013 People are always in search of the fastest way to lose weight. This is discussed many a times in the industry of health and fitness. There are many quick ways to lose weight. However, people may always wonder whether they are good or not.

Weight loss exercises, foods and tips for men

By: Vanni Jain | Sep 27, 2013 The weight loss workout for men should include the exercises that will help in strengthening and toning the body. The needs of cardio muscles will also be addressed. The most important muscle in the body is the heart.

Exercises that will help gain weight in 10 days

By: Vanni Jain | Sep 27, 2013 It is not very easy to gain weight. What is needed is patience and discipline. One must be following the diet plan and training with patience. According to some just doing enough of weight gain exercises are enough for weight gain in 10 days but that is not true.
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