Spiritual ebooks for the true seeker

By: Monish Monochromatic | Mar 16, 2013 We can no more do without spirituality than we can do without food, shelter, or clothing --Ernest Holmes

Why Do You Require A Sticky Yoga Mat?

By: Sanjay Das | Mar 16, 2013 A yoga mat at minimum four millimeters thick is required by person who practices Ashtanga Yoga that is a fast paced kind of yoga preferred by athletes. In case you are very thin or frail and require extra padding then you may need to select a thicker mat.

What are the Benefits of Yoga for Women?

By: Dina Farass | Mar 15, 2013 Yoga is something that you should never practice by yourself. Enrol in classes with trained individuals who can do yoga poses even in their sleep.

Spiritual ebooks for New Age Awakening

By: Monish Monochromatic | Mar 6, 2013 Spirituality is a move into your inner self, a deep journey that begins on the outside and culminates in the discovery of the hidden. This transcendence has to originate from within--intrinsically to culminate in the ultimate Spiritual Awakening.

4 Essential Tips To Find The Right Yoga Class For Beginners

By: Janet Bella Suzanna | Mar 6, 2013 If you are a beginner, you certainly have no idea what to expect on your first day at yoga class. Having said that, here are 4 essentials to find the right yoga class for beginners.

All About Christian Yoga

By: Janet Bella Suzanna | Mar 6, 2013 Christian yoga is what most Christians practise especially in Eastern and Western Countries. This is also part of their discipline to stay faithful and devoted to God. That is what differentiate Christian yoga from normal yoga although it still leads to healing your mind and body. But most importantly, it helps to enlighten your thoughts and build your self-confidence within.

Yoga Classes - Make Healthy and Fit Body

By: Lusi Thomas | Mar 4, 2013 Yoga goes to the exercise of physical poses since the time of ancient India. The yoga is an exercise or asana for the sharp mind, healthy body and pure soul. By doing regularly yoga exercise, it make our body strong, more flexible and relaxation. Yoga exercises are not so easy or simple as they look.

Yoga for Travelers

By: Hassie Ahumada | Mar 1, 2013 People, who are doing traveling jobs, mostly suffer from back problems. For these people yoga will be beneficial in all ways. And they won’t have to spend so much time on it from their busy schedules. After Reading this article people will get an idea about how yoga will help them in such cases.

Reiki-Stress Relief-Yoga- Meditation-Relax

By: reiki | Feb 25, 2013 Third Eye Reiki Services™ is a center of excellence for reiki in chennai, India. The center is dedicated for reiki and other alternative holistic healing Reiki Healing Session Reiki healing can be done by touch healing or in the aura and also as distant healing, typically reiki healing session lasts for an hour, and for most problems it is given in group of three session over a span of t

Adam Levine strikes impressive Yoga pose for Men’s Health magazine‘s March 2013 issue

By: Lee Dobbins | Feb 20, 2013 Adam Levine is all smiles as he covers Men’s Health magazine's March 2013 issue. The 33-year-old singer posed for photographer Ture Lillegraven, showing off his trim and toned body. Inside his interview with the mag, Adam Levine chatted about yoga and handling stress.
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