Avoid These 5 Workout Mistakes

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Having a perfect body like David Beckham or Jennifer Lopez is a desire of men and women in the world in general. And one of common ways that they often follow to make their dream come true is working out. However, many of them fail to do exercises correctly and here are 5 mistakes that not only these people but also you often make while working out.

1. Not concentrate completely on your workout

One of the most common mistakes that you often make is focusing too much on other things rather than their workout. While working out requires focus on pushing your body, you are easy to get distracted by other things and people around you. This reduces the force production in you muscles and doesn’t make your heart rate increase. As a result, the amount of calories you burn will be small. To clear your worries out of your head, you can sit down, close your eyes and breathe in and out for five minutes so that can dive into your workout and feel great.


2. Lack of variety

Not varying the types of exercises is not good because doing the same movement patterns not only bring boredom but also make those exercises less effective. Following the same routine for more than six weeks can cause your body to hit a plateau, so you will not see the changes you ever saw at the beginning of the program. So you should mix up the number of exercise, try new and challenging ones and make your cycles every two or three months for your best return on results.


3. Drink cold water during your workout

Although sweat is good for for your pores, too much sweat is often a sign of dehydration that can increase your risk of injuries and illness. Therefore, you should always stay hydrated by taking a bottle of water with you get enough water after your workout. You can add a little salt to your water to help balance any electrolytes you may have lost. However, you should not drink cold water during your sweaty workout because it does not hydrate your body as well as room-temperature water.


4. Work out everyday

To get in shape, you want to work out everyday to see results as fast as possible. This seems like a great way but it can actually prevent you from reaching your fitness goal. In fact, your body needs time to rest, recover and be at its best. Rest is also important to rebuild your muscle tears and ease muscle soreness. So working out everyday is not a completely good idea.


5. Stretch before cardio or not stretch after workout

Stretching is important and the best time to stretch is after your workout. It will helps increase blood flow and circulation to ease muscle soreness as well as promote recovery and repair. If you must stretch before exercising, you can use dynamic movements that mimic the activity you are about to involved in.


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Avoid These 5 Workout Mistakes

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