What is bone cancer?

By: vidiyasharma | Jun 26, 2012 Bone cancer refers to the neoplastic or abnormal growth of tissues in the bone. When a doctor tells someone that he/she is ailing from bone cancer, the doctor is referring to a cancer that has spread to the bones from other parts of the body.

How to Prevent Cancer From Spreading

By: Alan Wighton | Jun 7, 2012 It is not uncommon for someone, who's been treated for cancer by our mainstream medical system only to find that their cancer has returned but in some other part of the body. There is a valid reason for this because by just removing a cancer growth doesn't deal with the reason why it first grew so in the long term, doesn't solve the problem. It is not difficult to get rid of cancer. The problem is stopping it from coming back.

Cancer Translational Research Undertake The Mechanisms of Apoptosis

By: Terry Dancer | Jun 4, 2012 Cancer translational research includes scientists’ and clinicians’ suggestions to develop answers to biomedical problems. This kind of applied research aspires to offer techniques to questions all around the etiology, pathology, diagnosis, prevention and management of cancer.

Chemotherapy Affects More Than Memory

By: Thomas Manner | May 17, 2012 Although chemotherapy saves the lives of millions of cancer patients each year, it takes a significant toll on the cognitive function and emotional lives of the survivors. Until recently, "chemobrain" was thought to be a temporary reaction to the chemotherapy that did not affect a significant proportion of patients. But this might not be the case.

Chemobrain - Brain Cancer And The Brain

By: Thomas Manner | May 17, 2012 Cancer is a terrible disease. Unfortunately, too many of us have seen families and friends pass away. We shall not discuss here the terrible and usual consequences cancer has on individuals. What I want to discuss here is something less well-known. The effects cancer and chemotherapy have on the brain. We usually see cancer as something that affects our bodies. However, there is more to it. The br

How To Choose The Right Cancer Hospital

By: Cancer Hospital | May 16, 2012 Are you looking for a hospital for the Cancer treatment of your loved one. Choosing the right cancer hospital could be a major challenge for you. It is very important to lay down emphasis on the technologies available, doctor’s qualifications and hospital accreditation to name a few, while choosing the right hospital.

Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

By: vidiyasharma | May 14, 2012 The likelihood of developing breast cancer in women is 1 out of 8 (12%). Breast cancer is one of the most feared forms of cancer, which begins in the cells of the breast. The disease is common among women, but can affect men as well.

Overview of treatment for lung cancer

By: Maggie Scott | May 9, 2012 The treatment for lung cancer depends upon the health and condition of the patient. Lung cancer chemotherapy is best treatment procedure for curing lung cancer.

Early Cancer Detection, Makes Cancer Treatment Affordable

By: Cancer Hospital | May 9, 2012 Eighty percent of cancer patients in India are diagnosed at a late stage, when inspite of spending Rs. 5 lacs to 50 lacs on treatment, it is not possible to save them. Research and development by scientists and medical professionals has made it possible to detect cancer at an early stage, when it completely curable.

Veenat, Geftinat & Erlonat

By: Prabhat Kumar | May 2, 2012 Veenat - Glevec - Imatinib Veenat have imatinib and belongs to a class of medications known as protein-tyrosine kinase inhibitor, Available in 100mg and 400mg .
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