Mexican Cancer Clinics Offer Alternative Cancer Treatments

By: Will Smith | May 1, 2012 Cancer is a disease that terrifies the patient and their families. Years ago cancer was thought to be incurable. But this is not so nowadays. There is hope for cancer patients. Mexico is known for its alternative cancer treatments and many cancer patients are going to Mexico for this treatment.

Generating Points in Cancer Translational Research

By: Terry Dancer | Apr 26, 2012 In recent times, cancer diseases happen to be abandoned as hopeless both in terms of prevention and heal. Nevertheless, improvements happen to be made due to mix of technology enhancement; effective and reliable research endeavors; and clinical experimentation.

Food Supplements for Cancer Patients

By: Noureen Tanveer | Apr 24, 2012 About 1.5 million people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer each year. If you're one of them, you may consider taking vitamins and supplements with your cancer treatment, to strengthen your immune system.

Information of the Brain Tumors/Cancer

By: Ranu Yadav | Apr 23, 2012 The uncontrollable growth of cells within the brain is inflicting the brain tumors. There are many alternative styles of cells within the brain, every with a distinct role.

Why Uterine Cancer Isn't Caught Earlier

By: dr.maria90 | Apr 21, 2012 The article below is story about ex uterine cancer victim, she want her experience with us.

What are the Symptoms and Causes of Non-Small Cell Cancer of the Lung?

By: Joseph Butcher | Apr 20, 2012 One of the most widespread cancer illnesses is carcinoma of the lung and this may affect both lungs. Carcinoma of the lung has two specific types called small cell cancer of the lung and non-small cell cancer of the lung, the latter being the most prevalent. Before considering the available treatment procedures of non-small cell cancer of the lung, it would be advisable to become acquainted with the causes and signs of the disorder first.

Warning Signs and Treatment Plans for Squamous Cell Lung Cancer

By: Joseph Butcher | Apr 19, 2012 Squamous cell carcinoma is known as the second most common type of cancer of the lung and this type of cancer accounts to 30% of all carcinoma of the lung cases. Squamous cells can be seen as scale-shaped under the microscopic lens and this commonly occurs in the pipes of the lungs, the trachea and the bronchi. When diagnosed early, this type of cancer can still be taken care of so be sure you are aware of its signs, symptoms, and causes.

Blocking a Biological Bully

By: Isaac Eliaz | Apr 19, 2012 Galectin-3 may sound like the name of a planet out of “Star Trek,” but in truth, this biological protein can be much more ominous. I shed light on the subject of Galectin-3 and its role as a chronic disease culprit, in a recent lecture presented at the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OncANP) 2012 Convention & Exposition.

Are you aware of the Types and Stages of Lung Cancer?

By: Joseph Butcher | Apr 18, 2012 Cancer of the lung has four different stages and this relies on how much the cancer has spread in the body. Just like any other kinds of cancers, tests and scans are performed to ascertain the stage of the condition. These help the medical doctor ascertain the prognosis of carcinoma of the lung and choose the most appropriate treatment plan according to the patient's health. The staging of cancer requires the assessment of the spread as well as the progression of the tumor and the appearance or

Lung Cancer Chemotherapy

By: Maggie Scott | Apr 18, 2012 Lung cancer chemotherapy is used to kill the cancerous cells from the infected area. Remember to take the full course of medication.
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