Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

By: Samantha Stewart | Mar 21, 2012 Traditional treatments for prostate cancer have been available for many decades now. They have proven themselves to be effective but often carry with them the risk of serious side effects. Impotence, incontinence, radiation burns and hair loss are just some of the unintended consequences. For this reason, researchers have worked very hard on finding alternative treatments with fewer, or at least less severe, adverse effects than their traditional counterparts.

Oral cancer, its Causes and Prevention

By: Health Veda | Mar 20, 2012 The uncontrolled division and growth of cells in the body is the main cause behind cancer. The growth of cells is very rapid and thus the body is not able to cope with it. Right treatment is necessary to control the disease and stopping it before it becomes a threat to life.There are many causes responsible for the development of oral cancer.The foremost factor is age. About 95 percent people above the age of 40 years suffer from oral cancer.

New Jersey Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology

By: Clark Evans | Mar 19, 2012 New Jersey Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology, whom have been awarded and featured on NJ Top Docs, have been recognized for mastering the use of minimally invasive, robotic surgery for numerous urologic conditions suffered by both men and women.
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