Cataracts –A Vision Disorder

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If you find shady appearance in front of your eyes it means that you are suffering from Contracts. You won’t find a clear vision with your naked eyes. The eye lens is normally a colorless structure just behind the pupil that emphases light rays on the retina of the eye.
Cataract Symptoms and Causes:Symptoms include dimed vision that is made poorer when exposed to bright light (i.e. sunlight or bright headlights while driving). Light may seem to disturbs your vision power.

This type of eye problem generally occurs in both eyes. Symptoms of cataracts tend to growslowly but overall vision will continue to weaken if not treated and can cause to blindness.

Cataracts arecommon over 60 years of age. It is hereditary process also that means risk increases in most of the family members, hardening of arteries, diabetes mellitus, long term use of cortisone drugs, smoking, or exposure to radiation are the other causes which leads to cataracts syndrome. Cataracts can be happening in infants (congenital cataracts).

Cataract Diagnosis and Treatment: if you find any of the above mentioned symptoms in your daily routine then it is a time to switch to your near about eye doctor. A person emerging cataracts may require rapid changes in their spectacles, change of number prescriptions. The eye testing may require a standard eye exam or slit lamp examination.

Surgical replacement of the affected lens is needed to return normal vision. If a cataract disease is not disturbing you with daily activities, then surgery may not be measuredessential. In mild cases of cataracts, altering stronger bifocals may be enough to returnyour normal vision.

Improve your dietary intakes and manage a healthy life style can also manage to retain a good eyesight. Regular visit to your eye specialist can also make you updated about the conditions of your health. Generally doctors are recommending some daily eye drops to every individual to get relaxed and keep your eyes health and clean.

In our daily routine some food stuffs are essentials for keeping your eyes health all the time such as vitamin A and lutein rich foods. Vitamin A helps preserve your eyesight, while lutein keeps your eyes watery enough to protect it from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Green and red leafy fruits and vegetables, broccoli and spinach are good examples of lutein-rich food, while red pepper and carrots are rich in vitamin A. Reading habits should check such as reading in poorly-lit places, reading for long hours without break makes your eyes weak by vision quality.

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Cataracts –A Vision Disorder

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Cataracts –A Vision Disorder

This article was published on 2012/03/20