Dos and Don'ts When Recovering From Hairline Fracture

By: Derick Ng | Mar 12, 2013 Only those who have experienced fracture will know the immense pain when the fracture first occurred. The immediate onset of pain followed by several limitations that will cause us to alter our activities to accommodate to the inconvenience caused. After everything is over, it's time to start the recovery process.

Hearing Devices to Aid Your Hearing Loss

By: Preeti | Feb 8, 2013 Hearing loss is a common problem faced due to aging, diseases or heredity. These days many devices are available to improve the hearing and make your life better.

Wanna Be Fit: Walk Instead of Drive for Your Health

By: punit tiwari | Dec 21, 2012 This article mainly focuses on the benefit and role of walking stick. It helps stabilize your body and reduce your risk of falling or slipping. It helps redistribute your weight instead of putting weight on back, hips and knees. People suffering from arthritis or back problem, it can reduce wear and tear on joints and muscles. Some other benefits include reducing stress on your back during a hike.

Sensa for men - Are you able to Actually Lose Bodyweight?

By: Oleg Evgenov | Oct 2, 2012 Sensa is usually a groundbreaking fat reduction item made by board certified neurologist, Dr. Alan Hirsh. This merchandise has attained much controversy considering that its launch for the reason that it guarantees buyers that they'll take in any foods they want and however drop weight. For customers, Sensa testimonials have generally been split, with some professing that the products is effectiv

How important are birth injuries in the development of cerebral palsy

By: Cumurciuc Andrea | Aug 4, 2012 Cerebral palsy is a generic name for a series of conditions characterized by movement, posture and coordination problems resulted from the improper functioning of the brain. As the brain is damaged in different areas and with a different severity, the symptoms of the condition vary from one patient to another.

Chronic Asthma Symptoms

By: Focus Apps Store | Jul 13, 2012 Symptoms of an asthma attack can develop gradually or can happen all of a sudden. In both cases the typical symptoms are wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and coughing.

One Great Option For Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

By: James Barlow | Jul 3, 2012 There are many tools and techniques out there, and many places to purchase those tools to keep your hearing devices clean and in proper working order. One must be careful to only take advice or purchase tools from a hearing specialist you trust.

What is electrical muscle stimulation?

By: Graham Halstead | Jun 7, 2012 There is some confusion between electrical muscle stimulation, and transcutaneous nerve stimulation. So what is electrical muscle stimulation, and what is it used for?

Why Do I Have Hearing Loss?

By: Cynthia Nardelli | Jun 7, 2012 The cause of your hearing loss is individual to your situation. There are multiple issues that produce impaired hearing sensitivity.

Your Hearing Evaluation

By: Cynthia Nardelli | Jun 6, 2012 Suspect hearing loss and having a hearing evaluation performed? What can you expect? Each evaluation can be different based on the testing performed.
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