DNA Paternity Test - New Way of Analysis

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DNA tests can be done for various purposes and this genetic analysis is gaining popularity, as few years ago the genetic analysis were only limited to the governmental and research institutions. But today any individual can approach the laboratory and get the dna tests done. Dna tests has many uses and it has not been limited to single thing but with its help in the archeology it helps record  genetic codes and  sequences of life in earth many centuries ago. The genetic testing can be very helpful in tracing the long lost relative since they chromosomes tends to remain unchanged for generation. Thirdly it is also helpful to solve the murder cases and crimes and in the recent years there have been many unsolved cases that have been disentangled with new way of analysis. The dna tests are used to reunite the lost siblings and it is used by the police to confirm the relationship. Not only is this it also very helpful in identifying the various incurable diseases that are very cooperative for both the child and his/her family.  The DNA testing have become more  and more advanced  and not to mention  with that of  finger printing,  pupil recognition, creation of records  of pure breeds and the list is endless.

DNA is nothing but the dioxyribonucliec acid and it is the genetic building blocks of life and DNA paternity testing are very useful in identifying the actual father of eth child.  The paternity is determined by verifying the DNA samples of the child and it only requires a few drops of blood or the buccal swab from the cheek or the cord blood collected at the time of the birth can be used for the fast and reliable testing regardless of the age. DNA paternity testing has now become very accessible to the public leading to thousands of testing conducting every year.

The paternity tests can also be done during pregnancy; these samples are compared to trace any similarity and then sent to the lab for the verification.  With the changing relationship there have been uncertain and flighty relationships that have led to breakups and estranged relationship. But when to comes to claiming to be the biological father of the child they are confused.  Around the third of men undergoing the paternity test find out that their child is not their own. If you are not very sure about undergoing the test and don’t know what you will do if the tests is undesirable, first go through the counseling and to assess whether the paternity tests is the best course of actions for your family and child. But due to the complicacy some people prefer to conduct the test at home with the home test kit in privacy and later on they will mail the sample to the lab.  You can view and access the result online and you can download and print your complete result right from the website.

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DNA tests can also be performed at home with your desired privacy. To get the peace of mind you can also get the paternity tests with much ease.

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DNA Paternity Test - New Way of Analysis

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DNA Paternity Test - New Way of Analysis

This article was published on 2012/03/22