EFT - Tapping Scripts Are Crucial to Your Success

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EFT tapping scripts are without a doubt the part that most people who try to do EFT on their own have the most difficulty with. This is perfectly understandable, of course, because EFT really only has two main components. The first component, and the one most people associate with the term EFT, consists of tapping on various parts of the body, such as the eyebrow, wrist, collar bone, etc. The second component consists of the different statements, or scripts, that the person will say out loud while tapping on the different areas. If it helps, think of it in computer terms. The tapping itself is the hardware, while the software would be the EFT tapping scripts.

And there really is nothing at all to the tapping aspect of EFT. It's frankly pretty difficult to mess that up. Once you have familiarized yourself with the various energy access spots that EFT utilizes, it's not difficult to remember them. The scripts, though, trip a lot of people up. For example, a person looking to quit smoking with EFT would say things such as the following while tapping. "Although I have this nicotine addiction, I deeply and completely accept myself." Or "although I feel irritable and cranky when I go without cigarettes, I deeply and completely accept myself." The scripts don't have to be elaborate, but coming up with the right ones may be a hurdle for some people.

This is unfortunate, because it leads many people to give up on EFT, thinking that it doesn't work. But it's not that it didn't work; it's that the scripts weren't targeted to getting to the root of the problem. If you're struggling with EFT, it's almost certainly due to using the wrong scripts. If that's the case, you should consult an EFT practitioner, who can guide you in the process of coming up with laser targeted scripts that can bring healing. It usually only takes a few sessions, and soon you'll be seeing change, and you'll learn how to get better at crafting EFT tapping scripts yourself.

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EFT - Tapping Scripts Are Crucial to Your Success

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This article was published on 2010/03/31