Excessive Sweating Treatments Without the Knife

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Does sweating annoy you sometimes? Have you had damp marks under your arms without even exerting yourself or too much heat? Have you been struggling to keep jars from sliding off your hands, shake hands with others or touch paper without it getting wet? Most of all, have you allotted time everyday to change your clothes to hide the wet stains?

Indeed, it distracts you from your daily routine and tasks when your mind is occupied by your constant sweating. It leaves you with lower self-esteem and affects your professional, social and emotional well-being. You can be just one of the many others who suffer from the same condition of uncontrollable sweating.

Sweating is part of the bodily functions wherein fluid is secreted onto the skin layers to aid in cooling down. It helps release heat within the body and removes harmful toxins. Sweating is also a result of humans' feeling of anxiousness and fear, heat, and exhausting activity. It does have a valuable role in maintaining the balance and health of humans.

Abnormal amounts of sweat drained out of the body, however, is not a simple issue. It is referred to as hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating. This is a medical disorder suffered by both men and women starting from young adulthood. It is a condition of profuse sweating, due to over activity of the sympathetic nervous system. It can occur even without physical exertion or temperature increase.

Since this disorder is becoming a problem for most people, there are available sweating treatments to combat this. An important point is to consult an expert regarding the condition.Several common treatments are antiperspirants, iontophoresis, and botox. Antiperspirants are made of aluminum chemicals which block sweat from coming out. Iontophoresis involves water with electric current passing through which flows to the immersed affected body parts. Botulinum toxin or botox is a treatment where proteins block chemicals responsible for nerve signal transmission.

Methods mentioned are approved sweating treatments provided a person with the condition is informed about what difference the treatments would make. Without seeking for cure, the disorder leads to possible untreated disease in which sweating can be a symptom. It can also increase dehydration, worsen body odor, add stress, and develop skin infections. Besides enduring embarrassment from people, it can lead to psychological issues. Sweating may be a minor thing but not when it's uncontrollable; it can hugely affect how one lives, interacts and works. Thus, this condition must be checked with a medical expert rather than hide it all the time.


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If you're suffering from sweaty palms and armpits but is too embarrassed to ask help from a doctor, you need not look any further. The excessive sweating treatments offers tips and answers to make this problem go away.



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Excessive Sweating Treatments Without the Knife

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Excessive Sweating Treatments Without the Knife

This article was published on 2011/02/14