Five best tips for breast cancer prevention

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Breast cancer is recognized as a killing disease. However, it's simple to prevent breast cancer if women know how to keep breast healthy through lifestyle and diet options. Here are the five most effective ways to prevent breast cancer.


1. Be physically active

According to the recent Norwegian study, breast cancer can be reduced up to 17 percent if women regularly do exercises or simply they get more dynamic in life's activities.


2. Maintain an appropriate weight

Normally, appropriate weight helps you maintain a better health, and it's is much more important for breast cancer prevention. Obesity is the main of both endometrial and post menopausal breast cancer.


3. Healthy diet

A healthy diet plays a very important role to fight against premature illness of your body. Rich consumption of fruits and vegetables mostly help you to get rid of breast cancer development.


4. Limit alcohol use

Alcohol is the most dangerous cause for many types of cancer, especially for breast cancer. The woman who drinks about five glasses of wine each day will doubly be in danger of breast cancer.


5. Stress relieve

In the modern life, lots of people can get stress which causes most of health problems. Therefore, it's necessary for you to learn to relax. Please balance work and life. Participating in outdoor activities will help you feel relaxed.





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Five best tips for breast cancer prevention

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Five best tips for breast cancer prevention

This article was published on 2010/05/06