Health Benefits Of Vitamin K

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Providing enough vitamin K in a daily diet is important to nourish healthy skin and it is one of women’s keys to maintain their beauty.

1. Get rid of dark circles

The number of women with dark circles under eyes is increasing. The causes are sleep deprivation, allergies, genetics but the most common reason is lack of blood flow to the eyes. So using milk and skin cream containing vitamin K are ways to gradually fade dark circles under your eyes.

2. Maintain skin’s elasticity

Wrinkles and sagging skin are signs showing that your skin is losing its elasticity. Face is one of the first areas that age quickly. Matrix proteins help the skin maintain its natural elasticity, but your skin begins losing protein when you get older. Vitamin K can maintain matrix proteins and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

3. Fix skin problems

Vitamin K is proven to get rid of bruises, scars and cracks. Even the scars on skin will become faded remarkably if you apply vitamin K cream regularly.

Rosacea is a condition of acne and facial redness. Surgery is used as one of techniques to treat rosacea. And vitamin K is crucial to heal the injury and beat inflammation.

4. Deal with blood clots

One of reasons why vitamin K works well in dealing with blood clots is: When a bruise hurts your skin, blood vessels under the skin is broken and forms blood clots. The colour of the skin’s surface will change from black to brown or green and can last for several days to several weeks. Applying vitamin K on your skin will help dissolve the blood clots quickly.

5. Be used before and after surgery

Some surgeons usually advise you to use vitamin K at least two weeks before and after you undergo a surgery to fight pain.

Foods high in vitamin K include broccoli, dark leafy vegetables and herbs. Consuming regularly these foods is significant to keep your skin healthy and heal bruises.

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Health Benefits Of Vitamin K

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